Travel Theme: Bridges

Where’s My Backpack has a Weekly Travel Theme and this week it’s Bridges!  I love bridges!  They connect you to new experiences, people, places and fun!


This bridge at Camp Kern near Cincinnati, Ohio was fun to walk on and took us to the beginning spot for zip lining through the beautiful Autumn trees!  It was extra special for me because it was just my son and I…that’s him walking up the bridge. Continue reading

Wonders of Winton Woods

The Park of choice for last night’s hike was Winton Woods on the West side of Cincinnati.  I used to live in that area when I was a single mother 20 years ago.  I haven’t been to that Park in years and it brought back lots of memories!  We walked the loop around the small lake.  I’m not sure how far that is…probably about 2 miles and then walked part of it again and veered off onto another path.

There’s the lumberjack…

I haven’t gotten to swing in a while either.  I asked the lumberjack if he would take photos of me.

He was delighted after he took this photo, because the timing was great for capturing me jumping from the swing…

The colors weren’t as vibrant as at Sharon Woods, but there were some other interesting photo ops.  I purposely stood off-center for this shot under a bridge…thinking that would give it more appeal…

This photo makes me want to go sit on the bench.  But knowing me…it wouldn’t be for long!

Just like Sharon Woods, there is a Boathouse there for rental of paddle boats, pontoons and aluminum canoes.

After using the restrooms, the light streaming in caught my attention.  I couldn’t decide which photo I liked better…so I posted both!

More color!

I enjoyed the stripes in this shot…

I like the kayaks’ bright colors against the muted earth tones!

I hope you’re enjoying a tour of Cincinnati’s finest parks!!