Vasa Museum and the Island of Djurgarden

After disembarking from our ten minute ferry ride from the Island of Gamla Stan in Stockholm to Djurgarden Island, my Tour participants and I walked along the harbor in search of the famous Vasa Museum.

I noticed these little girls sitting on the dock, savoring their ice cream cone…


We all said, “Wow”–when we walked in and saw the Vasa Ship!  She sank on her maiden voyage back in 1628 and is the only fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged.  It was times like this when I wished I had my tripod and wide-angle lens with me.  We spent at least an hour and one-half engrossed in the fascinating exhibits that transported you back in time.  I believe there were six or seven floors to explore!


The Vasa measures 128 foot long and was submerged for 333 years before it was discovered again and raised… Continue reading