Camana Bay on Grand Cayman

Camana Bay on Grand Cayman offers shopping, dining, and lively entertainment.  My friend who lives on the island had plans to attend a film premiere which was part of the Poinciana Festival, so we took the opportunity to wander around the area.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this cute palm tree filled mini island.


Colorful smooth discs situated in front of the cinema are fun for children to climb on.  We noticed masses of long curly dreadlocks of green hanging from a tree.


Our friends remarked how uncrowded the area was, probably due to the overcast skies and earlier storm.


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Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park at Grand Cayman

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in Grand Cayman is a photographer’s paradise!  Strolling along its meandering paths you’ll discover beautiful Cayman Blue-throated Anoles…


a tranquil pond filled with flowering water lilies…


a baby blue wooden bridge…


brightly colored potted flowers beneath vibrant wooden trellises…


Winding paths bordered with exotic plants…

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