Foggy Morning

I woke before dawn and made my morning coffee.  Peering out the window, everything was encased in fog.  I hastily threw on a jacket over my pajamas, grabbed my tripod and camera, and wandered down the lane in my house slippers to capture the beauty.


DSC_5364  DSC_5370


Do you have a favorite?

Unexpected Treasures at Sunrise

Before heading out to jog the other morning, I wanted to capture some sunrise photographs.  I drove a few minutes along the country roads, found a place to pull off and began shooting the sunrise.  I had a similar experience the day before trying to shoot the sunset.  None of the photographs turned out…but I loved these looking the opposite way from the sunrise of someone’s fence and small pond.  The fence reflection is pretty cool!  And the pink sky is lovely.

Perhaps this can be a metaphor for life…if the direction you’re heading in isn’t working out…try a different way.



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