Travel Theme: Gaudy

It’s time for the weekly Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme and this week’s theme is Gaudy!  If you get out much…not even out of your hometown…there’s always something or someone that looks Gaudy!

I spotted this mannequin down an alley in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Actually, I think she’s quite lovely…


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Bare Buns in Barcelona

The mile long — pedestrian only boulevard in Barcelona — known as Las Ramblas is filled with cafes, shops, and oddities!  My traveling companion and I were spending two nights in Barcelona, having explored some of Portugal and Spain already, before embarking upon a 12-night–Royal Caribbean cruise of the Mediterranean.

I’m busy snapping photos and my traveling companion says, “Sherry, there’s a naked guy”!  I look up just as he walks by me, with a look on his face that could be described as smug satisfaction.


Luckily, I had my wits and thought to take a photo.  Aren’t you lucky!  I thought it interesting that everyone is ignoring him.

He could help advertise along with the billboard next to him–2 tapas and paella!!

This is the street minus him!


This guy was levitating…not quite sure how!


We all know how this is done!


 There were a number of sidewalk artists and they were talented!

SS850759 SS850758

Another trickster…


I guess he wants to be nibbled on!


His grin looks sinister to me!


 Give me more, more, more!!