Enchantment…the Alcazar Castle in Segovia, Spain

The famous Alcazar Castle is located in the enchanted village of Segovia, Spain, which is surrounded by a medieval wall, and the village itself has twisting alleyways and pedestrian streets where cars are banned.  Located 22 minutes from Madrid via fast train (which is how we traveled) or just over an hour by regular train, makes it a perfect day trip to include in your itinerary while in Spain!

Originally, I thought the Alcazar Castle was the source of inspiration for Walt Disney when creating Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disney world.  Actually it was the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.  But, this castle was where Columbus secured the financial backing necessary, from Queen Isabel, to discover America.


I took this photo from within the castle…


The gardens were amazing!  This shot was taken from above looking down (obviously).


The world-renowned Roman Aqueduct, the largest and best preserved of its kind anywhere is a massive architectural marvel.


This 16th-century Cathedral, a prominent landmark as one approaches from any direction, was impressive.



I’m not sure what the history of this is…but I like it.


This little girl agreed to be photographed while her Mother stood by.


I hope I’ve convinced you to visit Segovia.  You’ll fall in love!