Taste of Stockholm and Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the oldest of the fourteen islands that comprises Stockholm and my group and I took a 10 minute ferry ride from that Island to the Island of Djurgarden, where the Vasa Ship Museum is located, amongst other sight-seeing places.  Here’s an interesting fellow I had my photo taken with…


First, we went to the Taste of Stockholm.  Here in Cincinnati there’s an annual event called Taste of Cincinnati, so we had a good idea what this would be like.  The first thing we saw was a cooking demonstration on the main stage, shown in the photo below.  We passed a Champagne booth, so my friend Richard purchased a small taste for $13.  I was trying to conserve money since I was in Europe for an entire month, so I didn’t taste anything while we were there.  In fact, I packed my own sandwich for lunch and ate it there.  Scandinavia is very expensive, but I had a good time people watching! Continue reading