Positive Energy Adventure – Colorado/New Mexico – 8/2011 – Day 8

This morning we hiked at Tent Rocks…as you can see from the photos it was amazing!  From Wikipedia:

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, located 40 miles southwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico was established as a U.S. National Monument by President Bill Clinton in January 2001.

The area owes its remarkable geology to layers of volcanic rock and ash deposited by a volcanic explosion. Over time, weathering and erosion of these layers has created canyons and tent rocks. The tent rocks themselves are cones of soft pumice and tuff beneath harder caprocks.

A 1.2 mile (1.9 km) recreation trail leads up through a slot canyon to a lookout point where the tent rocks may be viewed from above. A 1.3 mile (2 km) loop trail leads past their base.


Always look up…


It reminded me some of Cappadocia in Turkey.  There they call them the fairy chimneys…

I love hiking in beautiful places…it’s one of my most favorite things to do!  We went back to our rental to shower and made a healthy lunch of fish, broccoli and salad.

Next on the agenda…Cowgirl Bar & Grill in Santa Fe for a margarita and some chips/salsa.  Kathy’s friend…Chris…met us there.

We wanted to dance…so we checked out Evangilo’s, but the band hadn’t started yet.  We ended up at La Fonda’s again and the band Soulman Sam was playing.  It was so much fun…great band!

Positive Energy Adventure – Colorado/New Mexico – 8/2011 – Day 6

We got a late start today…left the rental at 9:45am…had breakfast in Santa Fe at the Zia Diner…nice place…good food!  We parked in the free public parking lot situated about 4 blocks away from the “plaza”.  The native Indians sell their jewelry/pottery under the portal of the Palace of the Governors Museum.  Since I’ve adopted the mind-set of “Collect Experiences…Not Things”, I was a good girl and only bought a shirt and some essential oil lotion on the trip!

This is the oldest house in Santa Fe…we took about 5 minutes and walked through it.

I went into this Cathedral…

There are some outdoor statutes and galleries around the plaza area…

This is the work of Bill Worrell…

a local artist that my traveling companion, Kathy, is friends with.  They are his signature “Shamans”!

We were invited to John Farnsworth’s house/studio.  We met online through my blog, which I think is pretty cool!  He’s also a local artist, who has a great spirit and personality!  His home was located only about 5 minutes from where we were staying.

That evening we went dancing at La Fonda…I wasn’t feeling great…probably the drinks in Durango the night before…and the altitude!

Positive Energy Adventure – Colorado/New Mexico – 8/2011 – Day 7

We went to the Santa Clara Corn Festival today.  The Indians from that particular Pueblo dress in their traditional garb and do dances.  There is drumming and it is a spiritual occasion.  It was a hot day and I didn’t have an umbrella…so I baked a bit.  We were there for about 5 1/2 hours…whew!  You’re not allowed to take photos…in fact I witnessed the security guards taking away a couple of the attendees cameras.  Kathy had met one of the Indian women who invited us to have lunch, so we located her home and enjoyed dining with them.

Photo courtesy of New Mexico Magazine

After cleaning up at the rental from the hot and dusty day, we walked along Canyon Drive, where all of the upscale art galleries are and enjoyed the variety of creativity that is alive in Santa Fe.  You’re not allowed to take photos inside…so I took them of the outdoor works of art…

As we were walking from gallery to gallery…something beautiful to look at everywhere…I looked up at this tree and found more beauty!

That evening we went to the famous outdoor “Santa Fe Opera“.  We had standing room tickets, but since they didn’t sell out, they let us sit down.  The backdrop of the setting sun was gorgeous.  This particular opera, “Wozzeck”,  wasn’t very good…but I enjoyed it anyway!