What to do in Ripley, Ohio…go to Meranda-Nixon Winery

Wineries are so much fun and Meranda-Nixon Winery in Ripley, Ohio is no exception!  Although summer is gone…the vineyards are still beautiful.  My friends and I drove out there yesterday.  Located about 40 minutes from the east side of Cincinnati, it’s not too far of a drive.  Because it was a Friday, there were only a few other patrons there.  The owners are Seth and his wife Maura.  We joked that we wanted some “Maura wine”.  Anyway, Maura did the wine tasting for us and gave us some background about their lives.  Both she and her husband are widowers and when they met recently…they only dated for one month before getting married!

I asked her how many employees they have and she replied, “Her husband and four children!  While we were there, two of the boys came in to help wash glasses.  The 11-year-old took me for a ride on their “gator”!  I asked him how fast it would go and he said 21 mph, so I asked him to floor it!  He probably thought I was crazy when I asked him to do donuts in the front yard!


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The Quaint Rivertown of Ripley, Ohio

I had another adventure yesterday!  My girlfriend Gina texted me in the morning and asked what I was doing.  I told her about my plan to drive to Higginsport, Ohio–along the Ohio River–to look at something I’m thinking of buying.  (I’ll tell you tomorrow what it is!  We all need a little mystery or intrigue in our lives).  Anyway…so I picked her up and we drove an hour to check the mystery item out.  It was another absolutely beautiful day!

This was the view…

Gina brought a picnic lunch for us…so I spread a blanket out by the river and we enjoyed the food and view.

I’ve discovered I can get this effect (sparkling diamonds in the water) when I take the photo towards the sun!

The very cute town of Ripley, Ohio is located 7 miles down the road from Higginsport.  Since it was a weekday, there weren’t many people around.

This is called “Snappers Saloon”.  It has a view of the river and was decorated quite festively!

I love when people paint their businesses or houses unusual colors!

More views of the Ohio River…

It seems every town I’m visiting has a flag on display.  The sun was behind the cloud on this one…

To satisfy the door fetish in me and you…

Life isn’t complete without flowers!

Gina wanted an ice cream, so we went into Rockin’ Robin’s Soda Shoppe.  I was SO excited when I saw the interior!  I loved the 50’s look and the details were amazing!

My “artsy” shot…

In case you’re wondering…I had the Moosetracks flavor and Gina had the Cookies n Cream!

On the drive back, which is along the Ohio River on Route 52, I did a drive by shooting of Ulysses S. Grant’s birthplace in Point Pleasant, Ohio.

We were going to grill steaks and have asparagus, but when we arrived to Gina’s house…decided to get in the hot tub with a glass of wine!  That soaked the motivation right out of us to cook.  She had leftover Chili…so we feasted on that instead.  Another great day in Ohio!!