Spotlight on: Richard Lynch, Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee


As a blue-collar American farmer, Richard Lynch knows the meaning of hard work. The life he lives is shared in his lyrics, allowing fans to truly relate to his messages. Richards passion and devote work ethic on his Ohio farm is directly mirrored by his diligence as a country artist and he has credentials to prove it.

With an authentic, traditional sound, Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Richard Lynch, gives country music fans the sound they crave. This classic sound has landed the Richard Lynch Band on countless charts with numerous #1 hits. Richard has been #1 on the Roots Report True Country chart for an astonishing 19 weeks. The IndieWorld chart, a respected report of over 30 years, has also given Richard the #1 spot as well for his latest single, “A Better Place.” Richard can also be found on the New Music Weekly chart and many more. Whether it’s writing a song or serving his community, Richard Lynch puts his heart and soul into everything he does .

Richard Lynch uses his platform as an artist to support and honor those who so bravely serve our country. As founder of the Love Tattoo Foundation, Richard holds concerts and benefits to raise money and awareness for our veterans. The Love Tattoo Foundation is devoted to help those who bare physical or emotional scares after sacrificing so much. Richard Lynch has dedicated a large part of his life to giving back to these individuals who fought for our freedom.

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