Horseback riding Nicaraguan Style

Although I’ve had a variety of unpleasant experiences horseback riding, including: having a horse lay down with me on top of him (I had to jump off), a horse bolt unexpectedly with me hanging on for dear life, falling off of a horse in Spain when he tried to eat grass on the side of a rather large hill, have a horse try to buck me off and rub me against trees; well you get the picture–I continue to enjoy riding!  So, I planned a ride for myself and two of my tour attendees through Rancho Chilamate.  They picked us up in San Juan del Sur and drove us to their beautiful ranch about 20-30 minutes away.  They have boots and hats to make sure you look and feel like an authentic Cowgirl!


They have cute young women as their tour leaders!  Here’s Claudia from Spain leading us through the lovely countryside…

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