Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo, located 15-30 minutes drive from Granada, Nicaragua (depending upon where you visit the lake) is as you can see, absolutely gorgeous!  For my second and final day in Granada, I decided to visit this magical lake.   After speaking with a local tour guide, she offered to take myself and one of the other ladies in my group to a couple of spots on the lake and also to the town of Catarina, where they make pottery.  The charge was $20 per person for a 4-5 hour day trip.


After savoring the stunning beauty from the viewpoint, we made our way to the Laguna Beach Club for some relaxation and fun activities!  The entrance fee was covered by our tour guide and we were provided with a locker and key to store our things.  They have a restaurant and bar on the premises, along with swimming decks, kayaks, and lounge chairs.


It was quite windy, but Jing and I took a kayak out for a while…


In the town of Catarina, we stopped at a pottery studio and watched a man make his beautiful pieces of art.


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