Lumenocity is an annual event held here in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio at Cincinnati Music Hall.  I was invited to the dress rehearsal by a friend and met her and two other girlfriends to have a bite to eat beforehand at a restaurant called Abigail Street right around the corner from Music Hall.  The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Ballet perform under the white tent shown below while you’re treated to an elaborate and flamboyant light show on the exterior of Music Hall…


Earlier in the evening at Abigail Street Restaurant, I captured a selfie in the mirror of the lovely shabby chic ladies’ restroom…


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Cinco de Mayo Festivities at Buck’s Bad Ass Bash

Festivities for Cinco de Mayo were well under way when I arrived at Buck’s Bad Ass Bash yesterday in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio!  I was on assignment for iSPYCINCY again and the weather was perfect.  This annual event is held in a parking lot near Vine and 12th Street.  In case you didn’t know, Cinco de Mayo is a historic holiday celebrating Mexico’s defeat of French forces at the Battle of Puebla.

These two fun-loving girls readily agreed to be photographed…


Cinco de Mayo has become synonymous not only with tacos, sombreros, and Pinatas, but also with Margaritas, tequila and beer!


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Final Friday at Pendleton Art Center

Final Friday at Pendleton Art Center is always a fun and interesting event in Cincinnati.  If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll remember I started my evening by attending Art after Dark at the Cincinnati Art Museum with my new friend, Jena.  It was a night filled with art and fun!  After that I drove to Over the Rhine, where the Pendleton Art Center is located and began looking for a parking spot.  I told Jena I felt lucky and drove up a side road next to the Center.  Up ahead was a vehicle with its brake lights on, so I pulled alongside, opened Jena’s window and asked the guy behind the wheel if he was leaving.  He said he was trying to, but couldn’t get his SUV out of the parking spot.  Jena offered to help and stood outside trying to guide him.  I could tell we may be there a while, so I put my car in park, jumped out and offered to do it for him.  He said, “Sure”.  Within 20 seconds I had his vehicle on the road and he thanked us.  I then parallel parked in the spot and we were on our way!  I know what you’re thinking.  That may not have been the safest thing to do, especially in that area of town, but I had a gut feeling that it was OK.

Jena had never been to the Pendleton Art Center and was a bit overwhelmed with how much there was to see on eight levels of the old building!  Here are a few my favorites…


Oh…and here’s the beautiful and stylish Jena.  She’s my height, 5′ 10″ tall, so it was nice to hang out with another tall lady!


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Rhinegeist Brewery Prohibition Party

Accompanied by my husband, filling the roles of Chauffeur, security, and assistant, we drove 45 minutes from our home in Goshen, Ohio, last night..during a snow storm, to the Rhinegeist Brewery in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati for their annual Prohibition Party.  This was my third assignment for iSPYCINCY and my mission was to take between 40-50 total photographs to include..event attendees (including their names), some candid shots, and shots to show the event atmosphere.  In the course of 1 1/2 hours I was able to take a lot of photographs and narrowed it down to just over 60 to send to the editor.  The challenging aspect of this assignment was trying to hear people (while the band played) as they spelled their names for me.  For some of them, I just let them write their own names.

Here are a few of my favorites.  The young lady on the right is just glowing…


Once I was home and looking through the photographs, I felt like I was back in the roaring twenties!


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Revitalization of Over the Rhine and Ohio’s Oldest Farmer’s Market, Findlay Market

I’ve posted photographs of an area in Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine in the past, but I was in the area on Saturday again (before the snow hit yesterday) for a pole dancing class that you can read about here, and wanted to go to a wonderful farmer’s market called Findlay Market before my class.  Here’s a photo of a small portion of the outside area…


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Sunday Funday

It had been quite rainy for days around Cincinnati, so when the weather was nice Sunday afternoon I had itchy feet.  I took a solo trip to Fountain Square and Washington Park in Downtown Cincinnati.  Washington Park is so cool!  They have a water feature with fun and unpredictable bursts of water.  I tried the silhouette function on my camera…the Nikon D5100.  I love this effect….


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Cincinnati’s Friendly Findlay Market

There’s a Farmers’ Market in Cincinnati called Findlay Market and I like to call it the Friendly Findlay because everyone is so nice!  Located in Over-the-Rhine, it’s a 35-40 minute drive from my home, but well worth it because of all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, etc. and especially the people watching and photo opportunities!


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Titillation in Over The Rhine

Join me for the last of our tour in Over the Rhine, located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I meet people in the oddest places!  This beautiful lady was in line to use the restroom at one of the bars I stopped in.  She really liked the photo when I showed it to her and said she rarely has good ones taken.  She was going to Facebook friend me to use the photo…but I haven’t heard from her yet.  The first photo I took of her she was looking directly at the camera, so I asked her to turn her head slightly….voila!


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Japps in Over The Rhine

There’s a bar in Over The Rhine (an area of town in Cincinnati Ohio) called Japps Since 1879 and I had been wanting to check it out, so I stopped in.  It used to be a hair store.  This is the head mixologist–Molly.  I love her tattoos and style!  And the bar is fabulous!  It’s housed in a restored historical building with live music, yummy craft cocktails and a unique atmosphere!



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I’m in Lust with Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine is amazing!  Talk about an area of Cincinnati that has been revitalized!  Just in the past year or two…so much progress has been made in turning this area into a fun, safe, historic and beautiful section of Cincinnati to visit.  My girlfriend Gina and I arrived early Friday evening to walk around and enjoy the sunshine, along with warmer (50’s) temperatures.  The architecture is beyond cool!


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