I’m in Love with Sighasoara

We departed on a 2 1/2 hour train at 8:52am ($7.50 per ticket reserved online ahead of time) from Brasov for Sighasoara, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe.  We didn’t spend the night, just explored for a few hours, before boarding a train to Sibiu.  The train station has a place to store your luggage for a small fee.

The brightly painted houses and cobblestone streets were just so darn cute!


We stopped for lunch at an outdoor cafe and I had a refreshing lemon beer with my pasta…


Fortified with some food in our bellies, we climbed the 160 steps (we’re half way up at this point) of the Scara Acoperita where there’s a church and then we came back down.


A park bench, wooden door, and beautiful flowers provide the perfect setting for a photo…


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