Look to the Sky in Madrid

One of the many delights of Europe is the architecture and Madrid was no exception!   Every where you turn there is a new fountain, statute, or plaza!

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I have a split personality…probably because I’m a Gemini.  Anyway, I currently live on five acres surrounded by woods, with a 70 foot deck to enjoy it.  I love it!  But, I would love to have a place in the City.  To be in the center of the action and be able to walk to the grocery, etc.  For now, I can imagine what it would be like to live in a building like this.


Lovely gardens…



The next destination of my three-week whirlwind European vacation was Lisbon, Portugal.  We took the 10:30pm night train and I slept on the top bunk.  Although this night train looked much newer than the one I took in Cairo, Egypt, it was much noisier.  I didn’t sleep very well!  But, who cares about sleep when you’re in Europe.


 See you in Lisbon!

Walking Madrid

Madrid was the first of many stops of my whirlwind three-week European vacation, in 2010.  I traveled with a woman who I had met through my meetup.com affiliation.

Europe’s small sidewalk cafes are so charming!  I love to people watch, drink sangria, and dine on tapas in Madrid!  For me, that is what makes Europe such an alluring place to visit or live!

Following the advice of Rick Steves, our hotel made reservations for us to see a traditional Spanish Flamenco dance, at “Corral de la Moreria”.  The following evening, we walked the mile or two to see the show and were informed they had a private show that evening.  The hotel had mistakenly made our reservation for the previous evening.

Of course we were disappointed, but luckily, one of the dancers was outside and I requested a picture with her.  She graciously agreed!

Obviously, I hadn’t learned how to stand for a picture.  If you’ll notice, she is standing sidewise…which gives the illusion of a smaller frame.  She’s quite beautiful!


This gentleman lady was anxious to pose for my lens!


I’m not sure we’re experiencing the authentic Madrid?


 These puppeteers were quite entertaining


More walking…

SS850413The Jamones or ham in Spain are very tasty!


We stayed in Madrid for three days, one of which we spent taking a side trip to lovely Segovia…which I’m saving for a later post.  We typically walked four to eight miles a day, which is a nice way to acquaint yourself with an area.  But, Madrid is one of the larger cities we visited, so I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked.