2014 in Review

2014 has been a year filled with photography and travel…Imagine that!  Comparing my 2013 in Review: jogging, biking, hiking, and a bit of water skiing continued to keep my over 55-year-old body lookin’ good, along with lots of new recipes and mostly healthy eating!

This year became more balanced with less play and more work…which means more money…hallelujah!  During the summer I worked part-time for a farm at their Fruit & Vegetable Stands (until my back couldn’t take it any more).

I’ve had over 20 photo shoots for my own business, “Sherry Lachelle Photography”…including baby photos…



A few of the Senior photos…




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Spring is so full of possibilities and life!  The trees grow fuller, the flowers blossom and our world turns green!  Living on five acres, surrounded by trees, I often feel disconnected…as if I’m in a cocoon.  I like the quiet…the sounds of nature–chirping birds, rain pattering, things growing.


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Fantasy Farm

This is my Cousin Steve.  He’s single…44 years old…6’4″…sweet…and available!  His farm is not out in the boonies…he has a landscaping business…and he likes to go to Europe occasionally!

Must love 1 dog, horses, chickens, miniature horse, donkey, baby lambs, pigs, 2 cats, and Steve!  He doesn’t know I’m doing this…or that I even have a blog…


We stayed over night at his farm last night…for the first time…it was beautiful!

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