Beach Magic

Yesterday, April and I had a great day at the Fort Myers Beach!  While I was taking a dip in the ocean, I looked up at April and she looked as big as the buildings.  It reminded me of the movie that Darrel Hannah was in where she was a giant.  It also got me to thinking of how that applies to life and people–how everyone’s perspective is unique to them–shaped by events and people in their lives.


While taking a walk along the beach (which is on my left), I thought this scene of houses and a bit of inlet water was quite pretty.


On our walk, there were plenty of shells to examine and decide which ones were keepers.  Here’s April on the hunt…


She found this nice spiral…


I love how the water sparkles like diamonds when the sun hits it, so I asked April to make some magic….




There is magic all around us if we open our eyes!

26th Annual American Sand Sculpting Championship at Fort Myers Beach

This year’s Fort Myers Beach Sand Sculpting Championship was amazing!  I’ve never attended a competition and it was exciting to see them up close.  Their site online said it started at 9:00am…so I arrived there about 8:45am…wanting to get early morning light for good photos.  Once there I found out it didn’t start until 10:00am…so I had an English muffin at the Holiday Inn (where the competition was) and took a walk on the beach…

There was a fence with black netting around the sculptures so you couldn’t see them…until you paid the $5.00 entrance fee.  Since I’m tall…I snuck one…

I was the first one through the entrance and was able to get some photos without people in them…

The event is for 10 days and began on Friday the 16th.  The judging took place on the 18th and I attended on Monday, the 19th.

This is the sculpture that won…

Although I really liked that one, it wasn’t my favorite.

I met one of the sculptors and he informed me that the theme was winter wonderland, so I’m surprised they awarded first place to one that wasn’t within that theme.

Love this one…

This is my second favorite…I think the detail is amazing!

Jack Frost was my favorite!  The eyes look so real…I love everything about it!

This is Bill (one of the competitors).  He’s on the road a lot for competitions, and home is Montana.

This is a partial view of one of Rod Green’s chain saw wood carvings.  I lucked out with the position of the fish and the sun.  Twice a day he makes a sculpture for the audience.

Here’s Rod at work…

This one took about 30 minutes to make.  Very cool!!

I had packed a sandwich that was in the car for lunch…so I ate that while I drove the 30 minutes to my condo.  I took an afternoon jog and had salad for dinner.  See you tomorrow for the sunset at the Yacht Club that’s less than 10 minutes away!