Down on the Farm

Last night we went to the neighbor’s house to visit and swim a bit in their pool.  They have award-winning sheep, goats, chickens, a llama, dogs and cats!

This is Ranger.  He keeps watch over the sheep!  He’s got a quirky personality…very fun!

The chickens like to “surf” as James (the neighbor) calls it!

This guy wanted a close-up shot!

He/she wanted to pose for me…

They’re wondering what all the fuss is about!

James warned me about his aggressive roosters…so I stayed behind a log while photographing!


I liked the lighting in this shot…the light green grass against the dark green leaves.

Here’s one of the cats after having some cat nip…

If you ever get tired of looking at real sheep…how about a “decoy”!

Heading home…here are our views down the gravel road 1/8th of a mile…

Lovin’ life in the country!

The Glory of a Lexington Horse Farm

After researching “things to do in Lexington” for our yearly “girls’ weekend”, I decided having a tour of a private horse farm would fit in nicely with our schedule and would be a unique experience with a personal touch!  I chose Taylor Made and our guide was “Emily”, the young lady in the next photo.  She was knowledgeable, professional and sweet!

The 1500 acre farm specialized in breeding and has received up to $8 million dollars for one conceived “baby”!  Usually, it’s more like $100,000…but still, that’s a lot!

While we were there for the hour tour, two gentlemen had arrived for their appointment to check out a couple of stallions for possible breeding, so we were allowed to watch them being brought out for show!

The farm was beautiful…even though it was an overcast day!

It was breathtaking to watch these horses race up the fence line!



They even had a small horse “cemetery”…

Here are the girls…from left to right….Gina, Cindy, Me, Sherry, and Michele.  Dee came the following day for the second night.


We learned quite a bit…this is the breeding room.  It usually takes about 45 minutes and they have someone restraining the stallion, so he doesn’t get too rough with the mare…such as biting her.  They videotape it for proof!

Here is the Mare‘s compound…

The tour is free…but you tip the guide.  We really enjoyed it!