Pet Photography — “My cat is so pretty”

I think my Cat, “Kate” is so photogenic and I don’t think I’m biased!  She loves me and I love her!  We trained her to go in and out of the doggie door to use the restroom!  At night, she’s able to roam around the living room and nap in her bed that I placed on top of a high table.  We keep our bedroom door shut and every morning, sometimes as early as 4:00am, she would come to the door and meow to get me up.  Now, I have a large piece of foam insulation board blocking the hallway.


I love my dog Jake too…but it’s more difficult to get good shots of him!


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Pets are good for you

I love animals and like most people have pets.

A dog named Jake and a new addition to the family…a cat named Kate or Katie.  If you’ve read my blog in the past, you probably have seen photos of Jake, so I thought I’d let you meet Katie.  She’s very sweet, loves to eat and definitely has put Jake in his place.

She’s the Queen and here she is on her throne…


She has some favorite places to lay around…on a padded bar stool in the great room and on a pillow on my desk.  A friend had her for a short time…long enough to realize she wasn’t getting along with her other cat…so I agreed to take her.  I wasn’t sure how the dog and cat would get along, but after a shaky start, within the first week they now walk by each other without any clawing or hissing from Katie.  Jake is a big sweetie and would never hurt her…but I can see her point of view.  When you’re as tiny as her and there’s a big dog wanting to play, I think I’d be a bit worried too!

Jake hates to see me give her attention…Oh, why mommie, why?


You’ve probably heard about the studies that show how our blood pressure drops when we pet dogs or cats.  I actually get sleepy when I pet Katie…now Jake is another story.  He’s so playful and hyper most of the time…mine probably goes up with him!