Oktoberfest Fun in Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado sure knows how to celebrate Oktoberfest!  In Cincinnati, where I’m from, Oktoberfest is serious business–given the large percentage of German heritage residents.  Just a week ago, my friend Gina and I walked a few blocks down from Beaver Run Resort, where we were staying, to the festivities.  We arrived rather early at 10:30am and by 11:00am had a dark beer in our hands.

We stopped for a few photo ops…


I was surprised at how large of an event it is in Breckenridge.  Even with occasional misty rain, it became quite crowded later in the day (double the people shown below).


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Breckenridge, Colorado has it All!

For my week-long trip to Colorado, I had a detailed itinerary prepared, but after the terrible flooding across Colorado, having a positive and flexible attitude was essential.  If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember we spent one night in Estes Park before evacuating to Grand Lake, where we spent one night.  On Friday we hit the road to Breckenridge and here’s some of the beautiful scenery we passed on the way…


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Hot Sulphur Springs Resort via Grand Lake, Colorado

Saying goodbye to Grand Lake in Colorado was difficult!  My friend Gina and I only stayed one night at the Grand Lake Lodge and decided to drive to Breckenridge for their Octoberfest.  We started our week long adventure in Estes Park but had to escape the flooding.  There was some fog out when I walked outside to look at gorgeous Grand Lake before leaving, which just created more atmosphere!



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