Going Solo in Istanbul

Each day after taking my group to the included sites on our itinerary, we would split up into groups.  Being a photographer, I usually prefer sight-seeing on my own.  That way, I’m not worried about holding people up or having to wait while someone goes shopping (ugh).  Most afternoons I would head off on my own and on this particular day, I was trying to find better angles of the Blue Mosque and also somewhere to have a nice lunch.  There was a man by himself, seated outside of a hotel/restaurant in a somewhat solitary part of town.  I asked him if the food was good at the restaurant and he highly recommended it.  Oh my, he didn’t tell me what a magnificent view there would be!


I ordered Sea Bass (I think), which was very good and had a nice glass of white wine while taking in my beautiful surroundings!


What’s funny is I thought this was the Blue Mosque that I had such a wonderful view of, but actually it was Hagia Sophia!


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