Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. – Day 3 continued

Washington D.C.’s Adams Morgan neighborhood is colorful, vibrant, funky, and fun!  We started our day bicycling from our Airbnb in the Bloomington neighborhood on the East side of D.C. to the quaint neighborhood of Georgetown on the West side and finished in Adams Morgan, having drinks with a former 2 Star Admiral Navy Seal!  After docking our bicycles at the Capital Bikeshare station on 18th Street, we walked down the street in search of an outdoor bar for some afternoon refreshments and met Chuck and his dog, Bravo.  Having been in the military myself for four years, it was fascinating to listen to Chuck’s amazing lifetime experiences as a former high-ranking officer.


With puffy white clouds, blue sky, and mid-70’s temps, we relaxed for a couple of hours, talking with Chuck and people watching.


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Travel Diary: Washington, D.C. – Day 3

Exploring the quaint neighborhood of Georgetown was a refreshing start to our third day in Washington, D.C.  Filled with shops, bars, restaurants, and interesting architecture, there’s much to see and do.  Georgetown was originally part of Maryland until 1871 when the U.S. Congress created a new government for the District of Columbia.


My husband and I stopped at a Capital Bikeshare station around the corner from our Airbnb to pick up a bicycle for the 3 mile ride.  It’s a great way to wheel around Washington D.C. above ground and budget friendly.  You can purchase use of a bicycle for 24 hours – $7.00; 3 days – $15.00, or a month – $25.00.  I purchased the month membership because I knew we would use the service for more than 3 days.   I ordered a key for both of us to make it as simple as possible.  Once you’re at one of the 300 stations, you insert your plastic key in the slot of the bicycle you want and then just pull the bike out.  If your trip is 30 minutes or less, there’s no extra charge.  If it’s between 31-60 minutes, there’s an additional $1.50 tacked on; and between 61-90 minutes – $4.50.  You can download their app to your Smart Phone and check to see where a nearby station is to drop your bike that has a dock and/or if bicycles are available.


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Lovin’ Loveland Bike Trail

Last night was perfect for a 12 mile bicycle ride on the Loveland Bike Trail which is located only 10 minutes from my home!  The 70 mile paved trail follows an old railroad line and the Little Miami River.  As I was taking a photo of the Loveland office, where I began, this gentleman called out wanting me to take his photo…so I had to quickly snap.


A bit farther up the trail this guy and his beautiful dog were willing subjects.  Look at the blue eyes of the doggie…gorgeous!  I’ll bet that’s a great way to meet women!


What do you think of my beach cruiser bicycle…purchased on Craigslist for $60 and it looks brand new!  I love the little basket!


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Contrasts While Biking


Bobby’s Bike and Hike was a fun 3 hour tour of some areas in Chicago.  As with most travel experiences, there were a wide variety of sites to see.  Part of the time we traveled on the main roads in Chicago, which wasn’t a problem because there were 20 riders and we whizzed through stops signs!  We only covered 8 miles…but cycled through the neighborhoods of the Gold Coast and Old Town.  The Gold Coast got its name because the homes are very expensive.  Many of them have been converted into condos.  We rode past the original “Playboy Mansion”, but Hugh decided that the cold Chicago winters didn’t work with women in bikinis!  I checked Tripadvisor for some of the most popular tours and this was listed as #1. 

We learned some interesting facts about Chicago, but if I had it to do over again…I probably would have preferred just renting a bicycle and gone at my own speed…which is faster…and also would have been able to stop where I wanted to take photographs.  We stopped at the free Zoo and this gentleman was playing the violin!

There was a stop at the Contemporary Arts Museum…

We rode through Lincoln Park…


I’ve never seen a mailbox with a flower basket attached!

 We rode along Lake Michigan and there were lots of people playing volleyball, sunbathing, walking, jogging and bicycling.  

I also booked an “Architectural Foundation” boat ride for later in the afternoon…but I’ll save that for tomorrow! 

Hope your having a great day!!