Pet Photography — “My cat is so pretty”

I think my Cat, “Kate” is so photogenic and I don’t think I’m biased!  She loves me and I love her!  We trained her to go in and out of the doggie door to use the restroom!  At night, she’s able to roam around the living room and nap in her bed that I placed on top of a high table.  We keep our bedroom door shut and every morning, sometimes as early as 4:00am, she would come to the door and meow to get me up.  Now, I have a large piece of foam insulation board blocking the hallway.


I love my dog Jake too…but it’s more difficult to get good shots of him!


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Pets are good for you

I love animals and like most people have pets.

A dog named Jake and a new addition to the family…a cat named Kate or Katie.  If you’ve read my blog in the past, you probably have seen photos of Jake, so I thought I’d let you meet Katie.  She’s very sweet, loves to eat and definitely has put Jake in his place.

She’s the Queen and here she is on her throne…


She has some favorite places to lay around…on a padded bar stool in the great room and on a pillow on my desk.  A friend had her for a short time…long enough to realize she wasn’t getting along with her other cat…so I agreed to take her.  I wasn’t sure how the dog and cat would get along, but after a shaky start, within the first week they now walk by each other without any clawing or hissing from Katie.  Jake is a big sweetie and would never hurt her…but I can see her point of view.  When you’re as tiny as her and there’s a big dog wanting to play, I think I’d be a bit worried too!

Jake hates to see me give her attention…Oh, why mommie, why?


You’ve probably heard about the studies that show how our blood pressure drops when we pet dogs or cats.  I actually get sleepy when I pet Katie…now Jake is another story.  He’s so playful and hyper most of the time…mine probably goes up with him!

50 Things I Love

1.  Hiking through the woods followed by a break

near Durango, Colorado

 2.  A beautiful sunset

Santa Fe, New Mexico

3.  Talking to a friend

4.  Pretty colors…the blue sky…green trees…colorful flowers

5.  Watching the snow fall while sitting in front of a fire

6.  The sound of church bells

7.  Having a great dream

8.  Cappuccino

9.  Planning a trip…almost as good as taking the trip

10.  Crying when you feel like it

11. The sound of crickets and tree frogs on a summer night

12.  Having a clean house

13.  Hot shower with yummy smelling soap

14.  The feel of the wind and sun on you while riding in a boat

15.  Finishing a project

16.  Getting the job you wanted

17.  A body massage

18.  Lotions and Potions

19.  The lazy warm feeling in the morning before getting out of bed

20.  Lying on the beach soaking up the sunny sun

21.  Reading a great book

22.  Wearing a soft sweater

23.  Stretching

24.  Petting a dog or cat and watching their eyes droop

25.  Listening to a great song while driving a convertible

26.  Taking a nap

27.  Feeling sexy

28. Laying down at night when you’re really tired

29. Sitting in a hot tub staring at the stars

30. Drinking a glass of good wine

31. Surprising someone with a gift or good deed

32. Visiting a beautiful European city or anywhere in the world…

Lisbon, Portugal

33. Laughing really hard and long

34. Wildly dancing for an hour or two

35. Feeling tipsy

36. Kissing passionately…

37. Watching a good movie

38. Cooking and savoring a delicious meal

39. People watching

40. Cuddling

41. The sound of the waves at the beach and…the smell

42. Taking a long sweaty jog

43. Playing with a child

44. Taking cool photographs

45. Winning

46. The smell of freshly baked bread

47. Flirting

48. Looking younger than you are

49. Being able to scratch where you itch

50. Believing in miracles and magic


As I was making the list…I realized everything on my list is simple, basic and doesn’t cost much money.  Except for the traveling part!  It made me feel good just thinking of these things!

It’s Like a Zoo Out Here!

The Cincinnati Zoo is ranked as one of the top 10 zoos in North America and has the nickname of “The Sexiest Zoo in America” because of their successful breeding programs!  It’s also the 2nd oldest zoo in America!

Having not visited in 15 years, I enjoyed going yesterday.  I also wanted to check out the annual “Festival of Lights” event, so I accomplished two missions!  When I’m on a mission that means I walk fast!  Here’s the Christmas tree upon entry…

The zebras are one of my favorite…

The pink flamingos don’t even look real…

The green on these birds is gorgeous!

Since we didn’t arrive until 4pm and only had an hour or two of day light…I didn’t take the time to learn the names of all of the animals we saw.  I really like this bird though…

These bats were fighting and I’m not sure what the ducks were doing…

The owl was one of my favorites…his colors and demeanor are outstanding!

The orangutan seemed to be posing for me…he froze in this position while I took multiple photos…and other primates seemed to run from my photos!

I always feel a little sorry for animals at the zoo…some don’t seem happy to be there!

Reindeer are cool!!

As you can see…night is coming…and the crowds!

There are over 2 million LED lights at the Zoo!

I used my new tripod for the first time and also tried my Olympus PEN on manual setting for the night shots.  My settings were 1/25 shutter, 4.5 F-stop, and 1000 ISO.  Photography is a true passion for me…I was looking forward to taking photos more than anything else!

The small lake had the prettiest display of lights.

You can see the ducks swimming in the reflection…

This is the tunnel you enter and exit through…very pretty!

I hope you enjoyed your tour and perhaps this will help get you into the holiday spirit!!

Everything is a Miracle

I believe everything is a miracle.  You are a miracle.  There is no one else on earth like you!  Everywhere you look, there is a miracle…the spider web in the windowsill, the computer I’m typing on, flying in a plane, being able to hear and see and taste and touch everything!

People are amazing…the things that they can do physically and intellectually!  Animals are so cool!  Anyway, this is the park I trail run at, but I took a hike there tonight…some of the photos may seem to look-alike, but they are actually quite dissimilar…the colors of green are different and the composition of the trees, etc.

This is what I see first after exiting the vehicle to jog or hike…

Then…I walk down this gravel road and turn to the left…


Jake, the spoiled hunting dog runs ahead…



That’s me…

It felt strange hiking rather than running the trail this time…


I love the light in this photo…


Here comes Jake…


There goes Jake…

Hope you can see the miracles all around you and in you and have gratitude for them!!