Fabulous Airbnb in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I chose a gorgeous Airbnb for our three night stay in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  We were picked up at 4:00am for our 1 hour transfer from Antigua, Guatemala to the airport, where we boarded our 90 minute flight to the Managua Airport in Nicaragua.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by our transport company for a 2 1/2 hour drive to San Juan del Sur.

This view was well worth the travel…


The Airbnb was one of three separate huts with a porch overlooking the bay of San Juan del sur.  It was very windy while we were visiting and they have been going through a drought, so there were very few mosquitoes, which was nice since we didn’t have air conditioning and left the door open during the night.  It was so windy on the second day that when we returned everything was covered with bits of the thatch roof.


There was a common area with the infinity pool and hammocks.  Here’s Jing, one of my tour participants relaxing…


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