Charlie Bear

The day after Christmas, I had my second newborn photo shoot.  The parents and Grandmother were so pleased with the outcome, they literally cried happy tears!  Little Charlie Bear is soooo cute!

untitled-9-2untitled-6-3untitled-4-2untitled-30untitled-39untitled-46In this last photo, he seems to be thinking, “Were they naughty or nice”!


Cincinnati Urban Adventures

I wanted to share with all of you the start-up of my new business Cincinnati Urban Adventures, in partnership with Intrepid Travel and Urban Adventures.  I’ll be leading tours of Cincinnati that I’ve developed and will eventually hire Tour Guides to help out when the business starts to boom!  I believe if you are passionate about something, continue learning, and take steps towards turning those passions into a way of making money, you’re certain to be successful.

I will continue with my photography business Sherry Lachelle Photography and working as a Freelance Photographer for Cincinnati Refined, along with taking people on trips around the world through my website, Travel Spirit Meetup.  In fact, I just planned a trip to Portugal and Southern Spain for the end of February.  I’ve been to Lisbon, Portugal and to Spain, but am looking forward to exploring Seville, Granada, and Cordoba, Spain.

I’ve been working long hours between all of my endeavors, but it doesn’t feel like work, most of the time, because I love it!

Follow my new business on Instagram and Facebook.  You can also follow my Sherry Lachelle Photography on Facebook.

Wish me luck!

Spotlight on: Richard Lynch, Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee


As a blue-collar American farmer, Richard Lynch knows the meaning of hard work. The life he lives is shared in his lyrics, allowing fans to truly relate to his messages. Richards passion and devote work ethic on his Ohio farm is directly mirrored by his diligence as a country artist and he has credentials to prove it.

With an authentic, traditional sound, Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Richard Lynch, gives country music fans the sound they crave. This classic sound has landed the Richard Lynch Band on countless charts with numerous #1 hits. Richard has been #1 on the Roots Report True Country chart for an astonishing 19 weeks. The IndieWorld chart, a respected report of over 30 years, has also given Richard the #1 spot as well for his latest single, “A Better Place.” Richard can also be found on the New Music Weekly chart and many more. Whether it’s writing a song or serving his community, Richard Lynch puts his heart and soul into everything he does .

Richard Lynch uses his platform as an artist to support and honor those who so bravely serve our country. As founder of the Love Tattoo Foundation, Richard holds concerts and benefits to raise money and awareness for our veterans. The Love Tattoo Foundation is devoted to help those who bare physical or emotional scares after sacrificing so much. Richard Lynch has dedicated a large part of his life to giving back to these individuals who fought for our freedom.

To learn more about Richard Lynch’s music and benevolent Love Tattoo Foundation, visit

Spring Cleaning and Home Decor

Spring cleaning is something I think most people enjoy doing if they have the time.  It makes your living space so much “cleaner”!  I began mine in March with cleaning the carpets.  I’ve had a service come out to do it for me a few times in the past, but it doesn’t take that much time to do it yourself and is definitely less expensive.  In the past few weeks I’ve weeded the gardens, power washed the deck, patio and house, planted flowers, painted the lawn furniture, and minimized a few things from my clothes closet.  Back in November, my husband and I put up a tile back splash in our kitchen.  It was tedious, but I think it looks nice.  (ignore the missing light switch cover…I forgot to put it back on before I took the pic)


I’ve shopped at loads of stores in the past couple of weeks looking for bedding, pillows, lamps, throw rugs, wall art, and decor for our bedroom.  I had a dark comforter on the bed and this new comforter has brightened the space up significantly.  We also bought a new mattress from a company called Casper and love it!  We had a Tempurpedic, but it needed replacing.  I also purchased new pillows from a company called My Pillow and love them also.  I would prefer to have a blue couch or purchase a cover, but it’s out of the budget for now.

In late fall I painted all thirteen doors (both sides!) on our main level white.  They were painted a poopy brown by the previous owners in an attempt to match the stained woodwork.  My husband didn’t want me to paint the woodwork because it goes with the style of the home.  I’m beginning to get used to the contrast. Continue reading

Home Organization – Before and After

Home organization can be a time-consuming and tedious job, especially if you’re organizing someone else’s things.  For the past 1 1/2 years, I’ve been helping an elderly man sort through his mass of accumulated paperwork that he’s held on to for up to 25 years, along with other household items.  Together, we created a filing system that works for him.  He has an extensive library of books, but was willing to donate and sell six boxes of them.  I usually work once a week, occasionally twice, with a few long breaks in between.  Sometimes, he would schedule me to come back 10 days later, but then we played catch up with his mail.  Only two months into the project, I was escorting travelers from my Travel Spirit Meetup through Europe for a month.   He had been the caregiver for his 90-year-old wife, who had Alzheimer’s, and she passed away only a couple of weeks after I returned from Europe.  A few weeks after the funeral, I took him out to see a movie, “The Giver”, knowing he would appreciate an outing.  Although he missed her, he was also relieved from the physical and mental burden her illness had placed upon him.  With no children of their own and his niece, nephews, and other family living out-of-town, I’m sure he was lonely at times.  We went through her things about five months after she passed and took them to the Goodwill.

In the beginning of the process, he was quite hesitant to throw away paperwork, thinking he might need it again.  Through the years, he had kept detailed records of expenses and income with Quicken, but didn’t have an external hard drive, so that was his Christmas present from me.  My father, who passed away in 2006, was a hoarder (just like the show), so I’ve had some experience with this syndrome.

There were mornings I’d arrive and he’d still be in his pajamas, hearing aids in the bathroom.  I pride myself with being efficient, but I had to learn to slow down and be patient.  I usually had an agenda upon arrival and would tell him what I thought we should do that day.  Sometimes he would agree and other days, even with me saying “pretty please”, he refused, wanting to work on something else.

Each day, I would arrive with a salad to share with him.  Along with lettuce, they typically had cucumber, celery, red bell pepper, Kalamata olives, mushrooms, and red onion.  Occasionally, I’d put some Feta cheese and pine nuts in, along with my homemade Balsamic Mustard Vinaigrette.  He’d offer me one of his cookies or chocolate for dessert.

I’m sure that growing up during the depression shaped the way he looked at things, causing him to be very thrifty and frugal.  Expiration dates on food don’t matter to him.  If something was broken, perhaps he could find a way to fix it, rather than just throw it out.  As the months went by, I noticed he became much better at throwing paperwork away and making decisions, rather than putting it off.

I’ve made him laugh a few times.  On one occasion, I was helping him set up a Craigslist account online to give away some old Hitchcock chairs that he’d been paying $50.00 a month to store, and he was looking through the drop down for what year he was born in, and I said, “are you sure that year is even listed?”.  One morning when I arrived, he announced he realized he had a problem with putting things back where they belong.  I said, “and you just realized this?”

The retirement center he lives in is absolutely gorgeous!  There’s a swimming pool, exercise room, beautiful dining room, sun room, library, chapel, gift shop, gardens, weekly housekeeping, and countless activities…crafts, parties, movies, game nights, yoga, Tai Chi, day outings for shopping, plays, and the symphony.  He’s an accomplished pianist and loves going to the symphony.  We’re in the process of downsizing his things to move from a two bedroom to a one bedroom.

I feel fortunate to have had this experience.  I’m somewhat of a minimalist and can’t live with a lot of stuff around me, so it feels good to help someone else shed some of their weight.  Here are the “before” and “after” photos of his office and living room…



and after… Continue reading

Thank You

I would like to thank the following bloggers who have bestowed a variety of Awards to me:

Kim at Garden Lillie for the “Liebster Blog Award”.  She has some beautiful poetry and has a heart of gold!

Renee at Positive Boomer for “The Blog of the Year 2012” Award.  She awarded it to me twice in December.  She always has informative, positive and inspirational posts!

Viveka at My Guilty Pleasures also for “The Blog of the Year 2012” Award.  She lives in Sweden and I enjoy the variety of posts that she produces!

Martyn at Cabo de Gata Photography for the “Addictive Blog Award”.  Martyn lives in Spain and loves it!  His photography is beautiful!

Nakita at Nakita Audrey for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.  Her lovely blog is about Fashion, travel, photography and movies!

Marcela at Photography Art Plus for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.  Her flower photographs are gorgeous!

Untitled Adventure (I don’t know her name) for the “Versatile Blogger Award”.  She has had some wonderful adventures!

I am really grateful for all of you and appreciate your recognition!  Let’s make 2013 our best year yet!!

Designs so Fine!

Something I love about blogging is that I continue to learn more about myself!  I realize I love unique things…whimsical things…bold things…surprising things.  I hope you like these “things” as much as I do…

images via Pinterest

“Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity.” ~Christopher Zeeman

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.”
Oscar Wilde

How cool is this bookshelf!  Actually, you could use it for other things also!

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
~Steve Jobs

I can imagine taking a nap here.

A cool piece to display and store your “things”!

Save your corks…

Some of these I wouldn’t have in my home, but they’re cool!

Hope your day is fabulous!!

Woo Hoo…Planning a trip to Europe!

I have brain pain right now!  The good kind!  I’m planning a six-week trip through 12 countries in Europe!  I’d like to visit Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Copenhagen, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungry, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.  The only one I’ve been to is Germany (I lived there for a couple of years back in the late 70’s).  I’m hoping to Couchsurf in some countries, stay in hostels or cheap hotels for others, and I’d love to meet some of my fellow bloggers (like I met Rory in Cape Town)!

I’m not set on these countries yet but if I purchase a Eurail pass they are the most convenient to visit.  I would get discounts on boat travel with the Eurail pass.  As many of you know, when planning a big trip like this–it’s so time-consuming.  To get the best deal, I’m flexible with my dates (hoping to leave in about a month) and with my beginning destination.  I’ve looked at flying into Oslo, Norway; Helsinki, Finland and Copenhagen, Denmark.  From Helsinki I’d like to take a fast ferry to Tallinn, Estonia (2 hrs.) and spend a day there.  Also from Helsinki there is an overnight ship through either Silja or Viking Cruise Lines to Stockholm, Sweden.  And…of course in Norway the Fjords are at the top of my list!!  Air travel is quite inexpensive between some of the European cities also.  Less than $100 to fly from Bergen, Norway to Berlin!

So…my itinerary could be fly into Helsinki..stay a couple of nights..take a day trip to Estonia..take the overnight cruise to Stockholm..stay 2 or 3 nights…take a train to Oslo, Norway..stay 2 nights..take the scenic train & fjord cruise to Myrdal..Flam..Gudvangen.. bus to Voss..train to Bergen.  Fly to Copenhagen..trains on to Berlin, Prague, etc.

Or…fly into Copenhagen…stay 2 or 3 nights..take the train to Stockholm..stay 2 or 3 nights..take overnight cruise to Helsinki..stay 2 nights and do day trip to from Helsinki to Oslo where I start the itinerary listed above onto Bergen…then fly from Bergen to Berlin, then trains onward.

Or…fly into Bergen…reverse the fjord & train itinerary to Oslo..stay 2 nights..train to Stockholm..stay 2 or 3 nights…overnight cruise to Helsinki…stay 2 nights with day trip to Estonia…fly from Helsinki to Copenhagen…then trains onto Berlin, Prague, etc.

Whew!  I was allotting at least 30-35 days for all of the countries except for Turkey, where I would stay in Istanbul for 3 nights — then possibly see Cappadocia (where the fairy chimneys are) — and for sure the Mediterranean shore, called the Turquoise Coast, in the area of Fethiye.  I’d love to hike a few miles along the Lycian Way (500 km) which is located on the coast.

I would be traveling solo…and thinking I won’t plan everything this time…to let the universe do its magic!  So if anyone would like to meet up…let me know!!

A Bounty of Awards

I’m feeling quite blessed with all of the positive feedback I receive from those of you that read my blog.  I don’t know if any of you feel this way, but in my daily life, I don’t typically receive this quantity of feel good strokes!  So…I’m feeling good!!  It is time consuming to maintain a blog, but if you love it, then as the saying goes, it doesn’t feel like work!

Because I’ve received awards in the past and answered questions, etc. etc., I’m handling these a little bit differently.  I’ll give credit to the bloggers and hope that you check them out!   Each of these women have their own unique style and I know you will discover inspiration, information, beauty and humor from them!

Four Blue Hills – Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Zen Girl – Sunshine Blogger Award

Running Thriver – Very Inspiring Blogger and Sunshine Awards

Restless Jo – 7 x 7 Link Award

Photography by Joylene – Sunshine Award

Thank you again and if you’d like my autograph, perhaps I can come and visit you! 

Sending peace and joy to you…



Camera floats away

This story is amazing…she tied her camera to balloons to get a view of the top of her parents’ house and land and it snapped off…but someone found it 20 kms away! Really neat photos!

Journalist On The Run

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that last Thursday I lost my amazing GoPro camera, after attaching it to 23 helium balloons, and watching in dismay after the wind snapped the rope and it floated high into the sky over county cork. (You can read about all the drama HERE.)

What you might not know is that I was stopping at nothing to get that camera back! I contacted the local radio station, and used the power of social media to get the word out to everyone in the area to keep an eye on the skiesfor a crazy contraption consisting of 23 balloons, a styrofoam mount and a tiny little camera!

On Good Friday I had an email from a girl I sister went to school with, Debbie Deane, saying her husband had found my camera in one of their fields, over 20km…

View original post 247 more words

More Awards

I’ve received the Kreativ, Versatile and ABC Blogger Awards, from three other bloggers.   I’m really grateful and honored to have been chosen.  Because I’ve received the awards in the past, I’m going to skip the rest of the hoopla and give credit to the bloggers.

They are:

Namita Lad from What Life Says.

McKella from Handprint Soul.

Jenny from The Running Thriver.

I really admire all three of these women.  They are all wise beyond their years and have many talents.  You will love their blogs!

Pinterest–Chalkboard Bottom Wine Glasses

I completed another Pinterest DIY project.  Since I belong to a wine tasting club…and I love to drink wine, I thought this would be perfect for me.  The craft stores now have a new spray paint that makes your surface like a chalkboard.

  So…when sprayed on the bottom of your wine glass…you can then individualize each glass according to who’s drinking from it.The first step is to place painter’s tape around the stem and then I used alcohol on a paper towel to clean the rim.  I used a box in the garage and held each glass inside where I sprayed a light coat on each.



You need to let that coat dry for about 20 minutes and then spray again.





They turned out pretty well.  I need to look for chalk that has a smaller writing edge so I can make my writing look prettier.




The main ideas I get from Pinterest are recipes.  I’ve been cooking more now than I ever have since finding Pinterest!  I’ll post soon with my favorite recipes.