Merry Christmas from Florida

Spending Christmas in Florida is fun!  This is the first time my husband and I have been somewhere warm over the holidays.  After savoring a home cooked turkey dinner, we headed out to the hot tub and pool and got a little silly.  We talked about past snow skiing trips while enjoying the warm weather.

Not looking so happy here…


Really happy here…


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New Playmate at the Beach

My husband arrived in Florida yesterday and I was one happy camper beachcomber!  I greeted him in the airport parking lot with a kiss and a homemade frozen Pina Colada.  We enjoyed a delicious fish dinner at the condo that evening with our friends Wayne and Deanna.  This morning following a fun bicycle ride, we headed to Fort Myers beach for relaxation and a nice long walk on the beach.  Of course I took my camera to see what new sights I could capture…


This colorful mermaid kite caught my eye…


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Day Trip to Sarasota, Florida

Day Trip to Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida not only has beautiful beaches, it is also home to Ca’ d’Zan, meaning “House of John”, a Venetian-style mansion built-in the 1920s by John Ringling, of the Ringling Brothers Circus, and his wife, Mable.  The John and Mable … Continue reading

Day Trip to Fort Lauderdale

Located on the Atlantic side of Florida, Fort Lauderdale makes a great day trip from the Fort Myers area on the Gulf side.  Yesterday, a new friend “Deanna” and I drove a little over 2 hours to check out what’s changed in Fort Lauderdale since the Spring Break days of the 70’s.  Researching on Trip Advisor, our first stop was the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, formerly owned by Frederic Clay Bartlett, an artist and his wife, for use as a winter retreat to escape Chicago’s cold winters, dating back to the 20’s.  The tour of the home lasted over an hour.  The architecture was interesting in that there is a courtyard with doors leading to each room (i.e. most of the rooms are not attached to each other, you’re required to go back out to the courtyard to access another room).  The grounds were beautiful with tall palm trees, small ponds, and flowers.


A little sitting area in the courtyard…


An ornate lamp Mr. Bartlett made from an oil drum…


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Fun Weekend with Dee

My friend Dee came to visit me in Florida and I’d like to share some of the fun we had.  Friday started off with a trip to Cape Coral Yacht Club for a “fun in the sun” drink and a bite to eat while watching the sunset!  Unfortunately, the weather dropped about 10 degrees shortly before she arrived (68 degrees/48 degrees), so she had her Alpaca sweater and fingerless gloves on for the first evening.


We headed to Fletchers, a local club, for some live music and dancing.


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Long Day

Saturday was a long day, a great day, a fun-filled day!  It started with dropping one of my girlfriends off at the airport, followed by a trip to Fort Myers Beach with my remaining friend.  We took a walk on the pier and saw men fishing, pelicans resting…


Had to get a close-up…


I think he was thinking, “Look at all of the pretty colors”!


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Kayaking in Florida

Mullock Creek Marina in Fort Myers, Florida is one of those places only the locals know about.  My friend who lives in Fort Myers hooked us up and we had a wonderful afternoon kayaking through an estuary (for those of you who don’t know exactly what that means…”An estuary is a partly enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea”).  It was a steal at $25 for an all day rental.   Partly cloudy skies and light winds made for a perfect afternoon.


I took my camera in a large Ziploc bag to protect it.  Here are my friends…


Here’s Wayne catching a large Tarpon fishy…


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Another Day at the Beach

Yesterday, my friends and I headed to Ft. Myers Beach for some fun in the sun.  We went farther South this time and picked a spot that was less populated.  This pelican was diving for fish…


The ladies taking a nice long walk on the beach…


More birds…


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First Few Days in Florida

My two girlfriends (who are sisters) and I drove the 16 hours from Ohio to Cape Coral, Florida in two days and arrived on Monday afternoon.  Back in the day, we would’ve driven straight through.  To take advantage of the remaining sunshine, we changed into our bathing suits and headed to the pool.  A friend who is like a relative very generously allows me to stay at her condo which is near Ft. Myers.  There is a small stretch of beach with a fun restaurant bar called Cape Coral Yacht Club about five minutes from the condo.  After relaxing for a bit at the pool, we headed there for a casual dinner and to watch the sunset.


Tuesday, we couldn’t wait to see the beach…


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Road Trip to Florida

I’ll be heading to the Fort Myers area of Florida this weekend to spend the month of December and I’m so excited!  You may remember when I visited two years ago during my six-week Couchsurfing road trip through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.  I’ll have my Nikon D5100 with me this time, so I hope to capture some amazing sights!  Here are some photos from 2012.  Most of these are from the Rosemary and Seacrest Beach areas on the Gulf…


This resembles a spine…


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Beach Magic

Yesterday, April and I had a great day at the Fort Myers Beach!  While I was taking a dip in the ocean, I looked up at April and she looked as big as the buildings.  It reminded me of the movie that Darrel Hannah was in where she was a giant.  It also got me to thinking of how that applies to life and people–how everyone’s perspective is unique to them–shaped by events and people in their lives.


While taking a walk along the beach (which is on my left), I thought this scene of houses and a bit of inlet water was quite pretty.


On our walk, there were plenty of shells to examine and decide which ones were keepers.  Here’s April on the hunt…


She found this nice spiral…


I love how the water sparkles like diamonds when the sun hits it, so I asked April to make some magic….




There is magic all around us if we open our eyes!

Maracas Mania

My friends — April and Wayne — were such fun when I asked them to dance and shake the maracas before we went out for dinner!  April is in her early 40’s…don’t you think she’s “hot”?  She’s very athletic…in fact she’s out jogging right now as I do this post.  She rides a Harley, runs in charity events, bought a boat recently (so she skis)…practices yoga and is a certified holistic health coach (or something like that)!


Of course, Wayne, the guy — has to take it to the next level — juggling with them!  And he does it quite well!  Isn’t he cute!  Wayne is also quite amazing!  He’s won awards in his age group (which is still the Fabulous 50’s) for swimming.  He swam 12 miles around Key West last year!!  He turned me on to the Yoga place here in Fort Myers.  He’s also almost single!


Hopefully, we’ve entertained you!


Stay tuned for the next installment of fun!

Best Yoga in Fort Myers

I think some of the best Yoga I’ve experienced is right here in Fort Myers at Fort Myers Fitness 24/7 and it’s only $5.00 (what a deal).  I usually do “Hot” Yoga (where the room is 100 degrees) in Cincinnati.  I’ve been a few times during the three weeks I’ve been visiting here from Cincinnati and LOVE the instructor.  He has a calm presence and voice and explains every move in a fluid fashion and you know you’re working your body and becoming more aware of everything!


This is after class…just posin’ for all of you!


I asked the instructor if he would do a move or two for my blog…



If you haven’t given Yoga a try or its been a long time…I strongly urge you to go.  It’s one of the best forms of exercise and will help keep you looking and feeling younger for the rest of your life!  There was a lady in the class that was at least 100 lbs. over weight…so it doesn’t matter what shape you start out in!  I’ve run a half-marathon, hike, and a multitude of other activities and feel that this gives the best return—both physically and mentally!