“Boeuf” in Cannes

The first port of call on my 12 night Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise was Cannes, France.  I found it to be very pleasant and nice…almost too perfect!  I’m not complaining…it’s just that I like the “unusual” in my travels.  Perhaps not exciting enough…no sense of adventure or mystery.  Anyway, after walking for hours…there were only so many shops we could look in…

  A little cappuccino break…


We stopped at a restaurant and the waitresses couldn’t speak much English.  One of the “specials of the day” was something with boeuf  in it.  The waitress kept enunciating it…boof…and finally I said, “What animal sound does it make?  Moo…Moo?”  She agreed that it made the sound, “Moo…Moo!”  When I lived in Germany for a few years in my early 20’s, learning to communicate was essential.


 Even the flower peddler is smartly dressed…


Some uncut flowers…


French grafitti…they would have to “one up” everyone else!


  You haven’t experienced France unless you’ve sampled some cheese…


Look at the size of that Octopus…


The shoes match the sunglasses…dress…baby carriage and baby!!


Our next destination is one of my favorites…Cinque Terre, Italy! (I hope the clean-up efforts are going well!)

Paris in Spring

I took my niece, who at the time was 15 years old and we spent a week exploring Paris in 2007′.  We stayed at the “Familia Hotel” in the “Latin Quarter” and used the “Metro” (subway) to travel…and walked a lot!
My Niece was at an awkward age…a bit self-conscious and at times a drag…complaining about the rain or people smoking…etc!  I’ve found with my travels that I prefer to go “Solo” or with “Gap Adventures“!
Of course we saw the Louvre… Notre Dame…the Eiffel Tower…three times…the Pantheon…the Arc de Triumph…walked along the Champs Elysee and the Seine River…ate “Bon Glace” (good ice cream), chocolate crepes and many scrumptious pastries.
My fondest memories were of stopping in quaint cafes to have a drink or a bite to eat, shopping for bread, cheese & fruits and people watching.
One day we decided to take pictures of anyone with a dog, so we had fun snapping lots of photos!
Doesn’t this gentleman standing with my Niece look so “French”?