Charlie Bear

The day after Christmas, I had my second newborn photo shoot.  The parents and Grandmother were so pleased with the outcome, they literally cried happy tears!  Little Charlie Bear is soooo cute!

untitled-9-2untitled-6-3untitled-4-2untitled-30untitled-39untitled-46In this last photo, he seems to be thinking, “Were they naughty or nice”!


Having fun with Photography

I’m so happy to have found something I’m truly passionate about and love doing…photography!  I love capturing the moments and editing them and recently found a new software called Topaz that is so cool.  Of course travel is my other huge passion!  Here are a few photos I’ve edited with the new software…

Central Park, New York


My husband’s other baby…


Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2014


New York skyline…


Savannah, Georgia – 2012


When people say they’re bored, I wonder how can that be!  There aren’t enough hours to accomplish and experience everything I want to do and see!


I found some inspirational quotes for all women and especially young women!

“You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are.” ~ Melissa Etheridge


“Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion” ~ Oprah Winfrey


“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.” ~ Byron Katie


“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” ~ Emma Stone Continue reading

Santa Rappels Down Macy’s Building

On assignment for Cincinnati Refined, I recently took photos in downtown Cincinnati of an event called Macy’s Downtown Dazzle.  Arriving early I captured my required “posed people” shots before Santa was due to rappel down the side of Macy’s Department store.


The atmosphere was festive!  Ice skaters at Fountain Square were fun to watch!



A cup of hot chocolate warms you from the inside!


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Niederman Family Farm Holiday Light Display

It’s almost that time of year again…Christmas!  Time to be with family and continue old traditions or begin new ones.  Last night I was on assignment with Cincinnati Refined to take photos of the Neiderman Family Farm Holiday Light Display in Liberty Township, Ohio.  If you live in the area, I highly recommend a visit.  It’s free, but donations are appreciated.

You begin the 5 block walk (configured in a square) here…


Bible verses are displayed with colorful holiday lights!


The manger scene is beautiful…


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Thanksgiving Day Race

The 106th annual Thanksgiving Day 10K Race was held in Cincinnati yesterday and I was excited to be taking photographs for Cincinnati Refined.  Arriving early, I took my requisite posed shots of people, and made my way through the 17,000 runners to the start line.  Shooting action shots is exciting and having just purchased a new full-frame Nikon D750 recently, I was anxious to test it out on a race!


Many of the runners/walkers were decked out in festive costumes!



The race was well-organized with signs displaying various running speeds so that the fastest could be in the front.  Here they were warming up.


With a minute or two to go, I ventured into the center of the course to capture this photo…


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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

I was so excited to be the photographer for my first wedding ceremony this past Saturday.  A friend referred me to the father of the bride and after speaking with he and the bride, I developed a timeline for the two hour time slot I had to capture the 15 group photos of their families (22 people) and of course, photos of the bride and groom, along with their children, and the ceremony itself.  This was the second marriage for each of them.  The venue was at Voice of America MetroParks beneath a gazebo.  I visited the Park before the big date to familiarize myself with the area and also researched Pinterest for posing ideas.  Some of the challenges I encountered were the absence of shade, except for under the Gazebo, but there were metal railings circling the Gazebo which weren’t as aesthetically appealing as I would’ve liked; a large water tower in the distance while facing the ceremony; and people walking the trails and bicycling.

I began taking photos shortly before 10:00am and had to keep things moving timely with the ceremony set for 11:00am.  This posing idea was from Pinterest…


Luckily my husband came along to be my assistant, carrying the white chair shown below, a step-stool, and my camera bag.  I switched lens to capture this shot below, focusing on the flowers…


You probably wouldn’t notice it if I didn’t tell you, but there is a bicyclist coming into the photo on the right upper corner.  I utilize Lightroom currently for editing, but am looking forward to learning photoshop for these types of issues.


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Beautiful Tuscan Home

Imagine arriving home after a long day at work, filled with childlike anticipation for an invigorating yet peaceful paddle in your kayak, that just so happens to be outside your backdoor, meandering through a network of canals within your neighborhood. This is one of the many unique activities that Shawn, his wife Jesal, Jesal’s mother Hema, and their two children have to choose from since building their dream home in the former Homearama subdivision of Long Cove, located in Mason, Ohio.

The three-story 7,400 s.f. Italianate style home boasts five bedrooms, seven bathrooms (no fighting over bathroom time in this home), three kitchens (prep, formal & recreational), dining room, living room, two great rooms, breakfast room, fitness room, meditation room, and a four car heated garage featuring a rock climbing wall, tennis wall, and basketball hoop to boot!

The polished porcelain flooring, quartz bathroom & kitchen counters, and bathroom tiles were imported from India, as well as the abundant statues and sculptures.

Built with a geothermal heating and cooling system, the home is also environmentally friendly.

After working long hours at their separate private professional practices, Shawn and Jesal look forward to time spent together in their contemporary home bathed in light. The majority of rooms have captivating views of the tranquil water.  They’ve managed to fuse Hema and Jesal’s Indian heritage with the modern Tuscan architecture (to quote Jesal, “Bollywood meets Tuscany”). Having brought some of the furniture that Jesal grew up with into the home, brings back memories when she sees her children doing homework at the same table she sat at years ago as a young girl.

Relaxing in the open and bright living room


View of the canal as you drive into the subdivision


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What can happen in three weeks…

Three weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but as I look back through the moments captured in time, I realize that “time” is a tricky thing.  I started a temporary (mostly full-time) job working for the Census Bureau and got bit by a rather large dog the first week.  Luckily, he just left a small abrasion and bruise on my forearm.  I was a trooper and got the interview…they probably felt bad for me.  I took the position because I can make my own hours and work around my photography assignments.  Speaking of photography, here are some of my photos for my own business.  My friend Teresa (pictured on the left) hosted a surprise birthday party for one of her daughters (next to her) and retained me to take photos at the event.  The other two women are also her daughters…aren’t they all so beautiful!  Dusk was falling and for the shot, I asked them to put their heads close together…


Later in the evening (after a drink or two) they were willing participants for this shot…


The birthday girl is dating one of my friends, who went with me to Europe last year for a month.  Don’t they make a cute couple…


One of my husband’s co-workers needed his son’s senior graduation photos taken.  I call this one “Head in the Clouds”…


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Selling Your Photographs

Two of my photographs of local wineries have been bought by Great Lakes Publishing!  They’re the parent company of a variety of publications, including Ohio Magazine.  I received an e-mail a while back concerning the second photograph taken at Vinoklet Winery and after inquiring as to their interest in other winery photos in the area, they loved this photograph taken at Meranda-Nixon Winery in Ripley.  In the past couple of years, I’ve had a variety of people ask if they could use a particular photo for brochures and other uses, including one for a publication concerning climate change in Africa.  In fact, a few months ago, a lady asked if a photograph I took of Ault Park (third photo) could be used for the wall of a building that wasn’t quite completed in Downtown Cincinnati, and agreed to give me photo credit (“Sherry Lachelle Photography“) on the wall.  Having a strong presence on the internet helps put your photography out there for those searching!

Meranda-Nixon Winery, Ripley, Ohio


Vinoklet Winery, Colerain, Ohio


Ault Park, Cincinnati, Ohio


Social media is amazing!

Dancing for the Stars at Cincinnati Music Hall

The ninth annual Dancing for the Stars event was held April 11th at Cincinnati Music Hall. Pairing eight Cincinnati celebrities with some of the area’s finest professional dancers to raise funds for Cincinnati Arts Association’s Overture Awards and Arts Education Programs.  I took more than 200 photographs, as the freelance photographer for Cincinnati Refined.  After taking some posed shots of people at the event, I found a spot on the dance floor hugging the sideline, and the dancing began.  First up, the professional dancers tangoed and fox trotted their way around the floor, entertaining guests with dramatic swings and finales!




The settings on my Nikon D5100 were ISO 3200, Shutter 125 and Aper 5.6.  I knew a shutter speed of 125 can help stop action, and because I didn’t want to use flash, I knew I would need to have a high ISO speed and sacrifice some resolution of the photos.

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The Life of an Event Photographer

Before I even dreamed of becoming an Event Photographer, I was living the life of one.  Most everywhere I’d go, you would find me taking photographs of people, things, and the beauty around us, and it was something I truly loved!  They say, find something you’d do for free, that you’re good at, are passionate about and doors will open.  The door opened for me through Twitter almost 18 months ago.  A friend saw a tweet from a local online magazine for Channel 12 in Cincinnati and notified me.  I met with the Editor and was hired as a Freelance photographer and occasional Travel Writer.  With almost 40 events and 15 articles under my belt, it’s been a great experience and I continue to learn and grow.

Because I live about 35 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, I usually drive at least that far to an event, and spend about 90 minutes at the event, taking atmosphere shots and at least 20 posed photos of people.  At home, I upload the photos to Lightroom, do a little cropping, etc., and then upload them onto the magazine’s sight, along with captions and names.  I find the difficult part of the job to be writing down all of the names at the event.  It’s usually loud (i.e. music playing, etc.), and there are some funky (hard to spell) names out there.  As in life, you take the not so good with the great!  Here are some of the events from February and March.

Prohibition Party at The Woodward Theater


Bockfest in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio

(my hands were freezing that day)


Celestial Ball (a benefit for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) at the Duke Energy Center, Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Encore after party at the University Club Continue reading

City Girl in the Country

My most recent photo shoot was of a lady I’ve known for a couple of years, but haven’t had the pleasure of socializing with yet.  We had fun trying different poses and outfits for her shoot.  My husband’s Harley was a great prop and instead of the typical jeans attire, I thought the contrast of a beautiful woman in an elegant dress would make for a cool pic!


Wandering around my yard on the hunt for photo sites, she suggested our massive rock….


Changing into her cowgirl outfit, our outdoor shed provided a nice backdrop…


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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is so much fun!  The creative possibilities are endless.  The first step is ensuring your model is comfortable with you and that you provide a warm environment, which can be difficult during this seemingly endless bitter cold February in Cincinnati!  I recently did a photo shoot with my Model, Christy, and we clicked (no pun intended), which put her at ease.  For this first photo, I had the idea of wrapping her in cellophane.  We weren’t sure at first how the photos would turn out, because I wrapped her a little too tight, but I think it’s cute!


This is Christy’s favorite photo.  Doesn’t she have beautiful hair?


I’ve had a difficult time finding a willing subject for this type of shoot.  Most women feel that they need to lose a few pounds and feel they have to be perfect, and often think they’re too old.  Christy is in her mid-30’s and looks great!


We were both on the same page as far as the over all “look” we were trying to achieve…sexy, fun, and tasteful!


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Be My Valentine

To all those who are feeling lonely or unloved…I send a special message of Love!


I recently set up an at home photography studio, with used lighting and backdrops and took photos of a special woman named Christy!


I’ve been pinning modeling poses to my Pinterest board and used a few of them for her session…




I love taking photographs of people and letting them see their special beauty…


She wanted some “corporate” photos and I especially liked this one (even though she thinks it looks like she’s chewing on the pencil)…a sexy executive look!


My husband and I decided to stay in tonight…(it’s too cold) by the warm fire!  He’s preparing a steak dinner…I’m fortunate to have him.  Sending all of you a hug! xoxo