Having fun with Photography

I’m so happy to have found something I’m truly passionate about and love doing…photography!  I love capturing the moments and editing them and recently found a new software called Topaz that is so cool.  Of course travel is my other huge passion!  Here are a few photos I’ve edited with the new software…

Central Park, New York


My husband’s other baby…


Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2014


New York skyline…


Savannah, Georgia – 2012


When people say they’re bored, I wonder how can that be!  There aren’t enough hours to accomplish and experience everything I want to do and see!

23 thoughts on “Having fun with Photography

  1. Hi Sherry,
    These are truly fantastic renderings. I love them. Thanks for mentioning that great software. I’d love to use it. The only drawback: the price. 😦
    Have a fantastic weekend,

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