Spring Cleaning and Home Decor

Spring cleaning is something I think most people enjoy doing if they have the time.  It makes your living space so much “cleaner”!  I began mine in March with cleaning the carpets.  I’ve had a service come out to do it for me a few times in the past, but it doesn’t take that much time to do it yourself and is definitely less expensive.  In the past few weeks I’ve weeded the gardens, power washed the deck, patio and house, planted flowers, painted the lawn furniture, and minimized a few things from my clothes closet.  Back in November, my husband and I put up a tile back splash in our kitchen.  It was tedious, but I think it looks nice.  (ignore the missing light switch cover…I forgot to put it back on before I took the pic)


I’ve shopped at loads of stores in the past couple of weeks looking for bedding, pillows, lamps, throw rugs, wall art, and decor for our bedroom.  I had a dark comforter on the bed and this new comforter has brightened the space up significantly.  We also bought a new mattress from a company called Casper and love it!  We had a Tempurpedic, but it needed replacing.  I also purchased new pillows from a company called My Pillow and love them also.  I would prefer to have a blue couch or purchase a cover, but it’s out of the budget for now.

In late fall I painted all thirteen doors (both sides!) on our main level white.  They were painted a poopy brown by the previous owners in an attempt to match the stained woodwork.  My husband didn’t want me to paint the woodwork because it goes with the style of the home.  I’m beginning to get used to the contrast.


On the wall in the bedroom behind where I was standing to take the above pic is a cute frame I found at Hobby Lobby.  Yes, I used to have brown hair. 🙂


I bought new lawn furniture cushions and an umbrella.  Living in the country on five acres is sooo nice!  Listening to the owls hoot, watch the bats swoop down at dusk, and enjoying the peace and quiet.  There is a trade-off…having to drive an extra 15-20 minutes to get to most places, but I’d say it’s worth it!


My husband put up a new outdoor light, which is out of focus in this photo and one on the back deck.  He also installed a new modern ceiling fan and light in the great room!  You can see Jake laying on the floor inside the house.  He loves that spot!


Today, I painted the guest bath and bought a new shower curtain and put down 43 pounds of Scotts Weed n Feed on our acre of grass.

All that’s left is mulching!  Yippee!!

25 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and Home Decor

  1. My gosh! You have been busy! And now that you’re done, maybe you could come here. 😉 What you did is exactly what our place would need, too. But your place shows the effort and looks ever so nice: enjoy!

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