Sensory Deprivation aka Flotation Therapy Experience

My son gave me a gift certificate for a flotation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation flotation as an early Mother’s Day gift.  I couldn’t wait to try it, so I went today to a place called Tao Float Loft in West Chester, Ohio (near Cincinnati)!  After signing the typical liability form, you’re escorted to your private room where you’re given instructions to take a shower, how to turn the light off in the tank, and other miscellaneous information (including the insertion of ear plugs).  Because the water is highly concentrated with Epsom salts, it’s best not to rub your eyes while floating.  There is a spray bottle of water inside in case you do.  After closing the lid and shutting the light off, I centered myself in the tank and totally relaxed my body.  The session is an hour, but it goes by quickly.  When I’ve meditated at home, I would concentrate on my breathing or try not to think at all…so that’s what I did in the beginning.

My first sensations were of my heart beat causing my body to drift slightly to one side and the other.  Sometimes, while trying not to think, I would think about the sensations I was experiencing, so that I could relate them to others.  I noticed that when I tested whether I was totally relaxed around the head/neck area, that there was even more relaxing I could do.  After a bit, probably half way through, I realized I was letting my mind wander and suddenly I felt almost panicky.  Like I was in a trance, but I didn’t move and slowed my breathing to calm myself.  I think it’s more beneficial to let your mind wander, rather than try to concentrate on breathing or not thinking.  That’s when you’re more likely to have some unusually cool experiences.

I also remember later in the session feeling like my lower body was completely submerged or angled down.  I would definitely go again.  It gave me better insight into how I should meditate at home.


They have a room to blow dry your hair…


I think trying most things in life at least once is a great way to live!

14 thoughts on “Sensory Deprivation aka Flotation Therapy Experience

  1. Interesting! I haven’t heard of this before. Thank you for sharing your experience. Would you suggest a possible DIY-home version? Maybe floating in a tub in a pitch black bathroom? (Or wouldn’t that be close at all?).


    • It would be really expensive to use enough epsom salt for you to float and a bathtub isn’t large enough to prevent you from touching the sides. The premise is total deprivation of external sensations (light/sound/touch).


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