Kentucky Blues

I finally made it out to take photos of a local band called Johnny Fink and the Intrusion last night at the Mansion Hill Tavern in Newport, Kentucky.  If you like Blues music, you’ll love them!  When they first started playing I couldn’t help but dance!


I’m having fun experimenting in low light settings with my new full frame Nikon 750 camera.


This is Johnny Fink’s girlfriend.  Beautiful lady!



The bass player exuded the blues from his pores!


The drummer has a cool vibe at 9:22!


We ran into some people we know that stopped by after another event called Santacon.



John was strumming so quickly at one point his hand disappeared!


I enjoy the creative process of changing photos to black and white, adjusting contrast, clarity, etc.


Mansion Hill Tavern has a pub like feel to it.  Love the bar glass colors!


We all need a little music and dancing occasionally!

17 thoughts on “Kentucky Blues

  1. Congrats to the new camera! But it’s the photographer behind the camera that makes the pictures – and that where you excel.
    Have a wonderful advent time,


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