When Architecture becomes Art at Liberty Center

The Liberty Center located in West Chester, Ohio, opened last month and I had an opportunity to check it out yesterday!  The design is contemporary, fresh, and creative!  The Center has condos for sale, tons of nice restaurants, a luxury movie theater, loads of retail shopping (including a Dillard’s and Dicks), a Marriott Hotel (opening in 2016), and a beautiful Chapel for Sundays!

The indoor 2-story Mall portion is quite elegant…


This massive fireplace is also a movie screen with different scenes appearing right on the brick.


The open design incorporates contemporary lighting and seating with the wooden beams.


The food court areas have such clean lines…


It almost feels like your living room…


Here’s a view from the second level…


Another totally cute and light infused area to sit…



More elegance on the main level…


The self-playing Grand Piano fills the mall with lovely music…


Of course, there’s plenty of stores to get your shopping fix!


Take your little ones to the second floor play area…


I can’t wait to see a movie at the Cobb Luxury Theatres!


Take a break between shopping at one of the inviting seating areas…


There are many delicious restaurants to choose from in addition to Cheesecake Factory and Brio’s!



I believe those are some of the Condos for sale, but I’m not sure.


Here’s the simple but lovely Chapel…


Here’s a full listing of what they have to offer:  http://www.liberty-center.com/Portals/0/pdf/lc_directory_nov_12_2015.pdf

With the weather turning colder, now is the time to come visit the Liberty Center and make a day out of it!

14 thoughts on “When Architecture becomes Art at Liberty Center

  1. Gorgeous pics Sherry. Clearly we need to take a trip to Ohio, lol 😉 I agree with Anneli. You need to revisit once they put their Christmas decorations up & it’s filled with people. That would be amazing!! Lovely & sharing now!! xo


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