Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

I was so excited to be the photographer for my first wedding ceremony this past Saturday.  A friend referred me to the father of the bride and after speaking with he and the bride, I developed a timeline for the two hour time slot I had to capture the 15 group photos of their families (22 people) and of course, photos of the bride and groom, along with their children, and the ceremony itself.  This was the second marriage for each of them.  The venue was at Voice of America MetroParks beneath a gazebo.  I visited the Park before the big date to familiarize myself with the area and also researched Pinterest for posing ideas.  Some of the challenges I encountered were the absence of shade, except for under the Gazebo, but there were metal railings circling the Gazebo which weren’t as aesthetically appealing as I would’ve liked; a large water tower in the distance while facing the ceremony; and people walking the trails and bicycling.

I began taking photos shortly before 10:00am and had to keep things moving timely with the ceremony set for 11:00am.  This posing idea was from Pinterest…


Luckily my husband came along to be my assistant, carrying the white chair shown below, a step-stool, and my camera bag.  I switched lens to capture this shot below, focusing on the flowers…


You probably wouldn’t notice it if I didn’t tell you, but there is a bicyclist coming into the photo on the right upper corner.  I utilize Lightroom currently for editing, but am looking forward to learning photoshop for these types of issues.


Not to sound like a perfectionist, but I would’ve preferred a field without the bushes for this shot.


Luckily we had good weather, 75 degrees starting out, and sunny for the wedding; but even so the bride was beginning to sweat, so I would have her use a hand towel to occasionally blot her face.


Another issue was the height difference.  The bride was wearing 3 inch heels which helped.  There was a wooden beam at the top which I couldn’t crop out without loosing some of the groom’s head (and ignore that jogger in the background).


This duck came into view at just the right time.


I took group shots under the Gazebo.  Before taking the photos, I told everyone that if they couldn’t see me clearly, then I couldn’t see them.  But unfortunately, the Groom’s brother must not have heard me.  In all four of the group photos he’s partially hidden.  When I took photos of the Groom’s side of the family and of just the groom and his brother, you can see him clearly.


Here are the bride and her best friend…beautiful girls!


The bride’s parents are divorced and have each remarried, but I suggested having her biological parents give her a kiss…


and of course a shot of the rings…


As a photographer, you’re always learning from each new photo shoot!



21 thoughts on “Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

  1. Lovely photos! I’m sure the newly married couple will be delighted with your work. I’ve done a small number of weddings. I found preparation is essential, and taking control of events (related to the photography) on the day is also important.


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