Itinerary for Upcoming trip to Guatemala and Nicaragua

I finished an itinerary for my Travel Spirit Meetup to visit Guatemala and Nicaragua for 10 nights in February and March of 2016.  I’ve always wanted to visit these countries and can’t wait to walk the ancient cobblestone streets and immerse myself in these colorful cultures!

Upon arrival in Guatemala, we’ll travel 1 hour by shuttle to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Antigua, where we’ll explore the historic architecture, surrounded by three volcanoes and abundant natural beauty!  Both of these countries need tourists to bring money to their economies.

One day will be spent taking a boat ride on magical Lake Atitlan with stops at two villages nestled in the surrounding hills to visit primitive art galleries, a women’s textile cooperative to see hand weaving, and try some local dishes at lunch time, with amazing views of the lake and volcanoes.

We’ll also take a half day tour to visit a local family to see how they live, visit the school to meet the children, and learn how an NGO is helping to break the cycle of poverty.

After four glorious nights, we’ll hop on a short plane ride to Managua, Nicaragua and take a 2 1/2 hour shuttle to the Pacific coastal town of San Juan del sur for three days of fun in the sun!

Next up, a 1 1/2 hr. shuttle ride will bring us to the colorful town of Granada, Nicaragua!  I have a walking tour mapped out to visit the local churches, parks, and their Chocolate Museum.

Some of the optional activities will be zip-lining, kayaking, climbing a volcano, and a coffee plantation tour.  I’m limiting the trip to six of us, and am giving a presentation Tuesday evening to a group of fellow travelers.  February is a great time to visit these countries, with highs in the 80’s, plus we’ll be sick of winter by then!

11 thoughts on “Itinerary for Upcoming trip to Guatemala and Nicaragua

  1. Antigua Guatemala is my home away from home – love the people, blend of Mayan-Latin cultures, food & natural beauty. Also know as “The Land of Eternal Spring” the weather in these Central American Highlands averages a year-round high in the upper-70’s/low-80’s, with the low averaging in the upper 50’s/low 60’s – a sweater may be needed in the evenings. Also, Lake Atitlan, with various eclectic villages, is stunning and a unique destination. You should consider spending 10 days in Guatemala. Check-out this little website & Rudy’s blogs on the right-column, – enjoy your trip.


  2. I just spent 10 nights in Guatemala in March and absolutely loved it! We stayed 4 nts in Antigua. It’s such a lovely city to stroll with a million cafes and restaurants. The local fruit market is worth a visit as well Nim Pot Centro de Textiles. It’s a huge cooperative, located right near the arch and you can find all kinds of handmade (not machine made)textiles and arts for very reasonable prices. It was one of the best places I found to shop. We stayed 5 Nts on Lake Atitlan at the Hotel Atitlan. It was stunning. If you have time I recommend visiting the Gardens on the property (they charge a small entrance fee for non guests). They have amazing birds and fountains and blooms everywhere. It is one of the most magical places I have ever visited. Wishing you an amazing journey ahead!!


    • Thank you so much for the info. I’m still trying to decide if we should split the trip up with 4 nights Antigua, 3 nights San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, and 3 nights Granada…or only do 2 nights Granada and 5 nights Antigua.


      • We stayed 4 nights in Antigua and it was long enough. We even thought 3 would have been enough but I could have stayed forever at the lake. It was stunning scenery, beautiful and relaxing. I guess it all depends on your interests and how you’d like to spend your time. We did take the water taxi from Pana to San Juan where the weavers and painters are and enjoyed it very much. We met a lovely couple, Elizabeth and Domingo who have a tiny shop at the top of the main shopping street and they are both painters. Wonderful people if you have time to visit them. I bought a few of their paintings.


      • Since we only have 10 nights for two countries, and the 4 nights we’ll be in Antigua gives us only 3 days there…due to arriving later in the day the first day, I’ll leave the itinerary as it. Thanks again for the info. Love your website!


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