City Girl in the Country

My most recent photo shoot was of a lady I’ve known for a couple of years, but haven’t had the pleasure of socializing with yet.  We had fun trying different poses and outfits for her shoot.  My husband’s Harley was a great prop and instead of the typical jeans attire, I thought the contrast of a beautiful woman in an elegant dress would make for a cool pic!


Wandering around my yard on the hunt for photo sites, she suggested our massive rock….


Changing into her cowgirl outfit, our outdoor shed provided a nice backdrop…


The red gate leading onto our property definitely fits in with the country theme…


In my new downstairs studio, I captured a few additional shots…



I love to showcase each individual’s beauty!


16 thoughts on “City Girl in the Country

  1. She looks like a lot of fun, your photos captured her beauty and the shiny bike, too. You are a wonderful photographer, bringing out everyone’s best and adventurous sides, too.


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