Love is in the Air

Taking photographs of a couple in love is special!  I was contacted by the future bride who I’ve met once to take engagement photos for she and her fiance.  I post my favorite photographs from my shoots to Facebook and we’re Facebook friends, so I guess my marketing is paying off.  Taking the back roads, I drove 40 minutes to her parents’ place in the Country.  We drove around in their golf cart looking for nice photo opportunities.


When I met her three years ago, she was quite the Tom Boy, but now with the look of love written on her face, I definitely see her girlie side!


One of my favorite things to do after taking the photos, is the editing process within Lightroom.  I taught myself how to use it, and know there’s much more to learn, but it’s fun to see how changing the contrast, clarity, colors, etc. can change the feel of a photo.


I took a photo from this angle of both of them lying down and it was her idea to lean over him…so cute!  I approach the session as a collaborative process.


Most of my sessions are somewhere new each time, so I work with what I’ve got.  In this shot, I would’ve preferred it to be taken in an empty field, but the sparse tree behind her back almost looks like a veil…


Last night, after organizing for Bob, the elderly gentleman I’ve mentioned, I went down to the dining room of his retirement home to have dinner with him.  We’re gradually getting to know each other better.  I received a phone call from an elderly lady last night, who was referred to me by Bob, to help her declutter.  I’m so happy to be doing the things I love!



6 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. The part I enjoy about your posts is you capture the inner qualities, along with the beautiful exteriors. Your telling us how she has grown up and is not a tomboy any more, that makes this special! People in love certainly are ones that should be captured by your lens. You are amazing, Sherry!


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