Joseph and Samantha

When I look at these photographs I took today of my Cousin and his girlfriend, my heart swells with pride for his accomplishment thus far in the Navy and also a feeling of joy for their love of each other!  We met at the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park, located on the banks of the Ohio River in Cincinnati for the photo shoot.  It was a steamy hot day and Joseph’s heavy uniforms made it even more uncomfortable for him.  As we walked the length of the park, I snapped photographs at various points along the way.


They make such a lovely couple!  She is from Congo in Africa and is attending college here in the States.  Joseph is obviously quite smitten with her!


I love this photograph of Joseph and his reflection.  He appears quite noble!


Samantha’s long luxurious hair, although it was pretty, blanketed her back and shoulders with extra heat.  She was going to pin it up, but I asked her to let it hang loose…


Simply captivating!


I asked them to recreate the famous poster of the military guy with the girl, but just now when I Googled it…I realize they’re supposed to be kissing and the stance isn’t right.  But, I think it’s cute!


The tall grasses were a nice back drop for his uniform…



The Ohio River is in the background here…


Love to see couples in love!


I hope you enjoyed viewing their photographs…I truly enjoyed taking them!


16 thoughts on “Joseph and Samantha

  1. What an attractive couple! And, God bless your cousin for serving in the U.S. Navy. I don’t know him, but as with other military personnel, I truly appreciate his service! I wish I’d joined the Navy some 25 years ago, but that’s another story. As always, Sherry, great photos!


  2. These are gorgeous photographs of a happy couple! I enjoyed the serious ones, along with the playful ones. Best of luck and many happy wishes for their life together! You should be proud of his accomplishments, I am proud, too! Thank him for all of us who value those who serve our country! Hugs, Robin


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