Child Photography

Taking photographs of children can be tricky!  Sometimes they can’t sit still or they’re possibly grumpy because they need a nap, and sometimes, just like grown-ups, they’re shy and give a forced smile.  I had the pleasure of taking photographs for a family and love these three photographs of their beautiful children.  The little girl was very inquisitive and was in constant motion.  I had the idea of laying her down on the grass for a moment and initially wanted her to look at the camera, but was really pleased with this photo!


Their mother and I both loved this photo of their middle child.  His smile was really genuine!


Having the child participate in an activity they enjoy while you photograph them is a great way to capture some wonderful images!  In this case their oldest loves to read…


Child photography can be a bit more challenging, but very rewarding!


6 thoughts on “Child Photography

  1. I agree about getting children involved in an activity. Recently I took photos of a family and their home, and asked their young son to hold my reflector while I took some of the photos. He was then much more interested in having his photo taken!


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