Family Photography Session for Best Friends

Yesterday, I took family photographs for my best friend from High School and her sister, who has also been a good friend forever.  It’s cool when you know someone for that length of time and watch their children grow up!  Anyway, here’s Gina and her boys.  She’s two years younger than her sister Sherry, who I went to High School with.  Aren’t they good-looking!


This is Sherry and her daughter Amber, who is gorgeous!


and Sherry’s husband…Jim…


and their parents…Flo and Si!  I think they’ve been married almost 60 years!


Family photos can be cherished for a lifetime!


8 thoughts on “Family Photography Session for Best Friends

  1. This is a genre of photography I really struggle with, the family portrait… the only time I get any photo I like is when I have caught the subject off guard and not posed… these photos show that you do not suffer from that problem… for that matter is there a photo you struggle with? I don’t think so, I think your a master of all genres….


    • Thank you Rob…I was a bit nervous during this shoot because their mother’s arthritis is very painful and I didn’t want her to have to walk very far from spot to spot. You’re so sweet!


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