Wide Angle Lens for Real Estate and Fun

I finally bought the wide-angle lens I’ve been talking about for taking real estate photos and landscape.  It’s a Tamron 10-24mm, 3.5-4.5 and here are some of my initial shots.

The deck…


The pets…


More of the deck with John’s flowers…


The front yard…


Here you can see the difference with our half bath.  This is without the wide-angle…


and this is with it.  There’s a definite difference…


I’ve been making some contacts, but no firm jobs yet.

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15 thoughts on “Wide Angle Lens for Real Estate and Fun

  1. I got a wide angle lens for Christmas and love it. It’s amazing how it can really improve indoor and real estate photos. I cringe at a lot of the home listings photos I see so hopefully you can put your talents to good use!


  2. I’ve got the Tamron 18-275 lens and I LOVE it! As a photographer friend said to me, “The glass makes all the difference.” So bravo on investing in your craft — and not only did you get a wide-angle, but you got a GREAT wide-angle! Yayyyyy!


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