John’s Flowers

Although the weather report had an 80% chance of rain, that didn’t stop my friend Gina and I from making our 2nd Annual flower shopping trip to John’s Flowers in Fayetteville, Ohio.  It’s only a 25 minute drive from my house in Goshen and the owner James, is such a nice, helpful guy with great prices!  You’re probably wondering why it’s called John’s Flowers.  James named the business after his Grandfather.  Taking the back roads, I enjoyed chatting with Gina and taking in the scenery along the country roads.

This first photo, I manipulated in Lightroom 5.  To me, it almost looks like a painting…


Here’s James and Gina.  He was a little shy about having his pic taken, so I had to do it quickly!


Gina’s making the rounds in one of his many greenhouses


I used the flash for this shot…



This boat is a permanent fixture at John’s Flowers!  I should ask the about the history of it.


I like this picture, but would love to get a macro lens!


This old rusty water filled wagon made a nice prop…


James is going to expand his business and start planting vegetables in this greenhouse…


I should have taken my wide-angle lens…oh well…next time!  I definitely recommend visiting John’s Flowers and James.  It’s a beautiful ride there and lovely flowers!

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18 thoughts on “John’s Flowers

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  2. It is a little early to visit the green houses where I live. Your post gave me the anticipatory whiff of that wonderful smell of new plants growing that will get me to one earlier than I should. 🙂


  3. I love flowers too….but if only I could get organised and have them so that they stand out. They just flower wildly and not always seen in the garden….still I love them anyway.


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