Mercantile Library Wine Tasting

I received a call from iSPYCINCY Monday afternoon inquiring as to my last-minute availability that evening to attend a Wine Tasting at the Mercantile Library, where Italian wine legend Paolo di Marchi was to give a talk and tasting.  According to iSPYCINCY and others, he is rated one of the top ten small producers in the world.  Although it was slated to be the coldest night of the year for this Polar Vortex riddled region, I agreed. 

Here are some of my images from the evening…


I had my camera “beeping” function on when I would take a photo, but quickly located the “off” function.


As you can see, this library is quite special.  I loved the spacious feeling and the blending of the old…the sculptures and some of the woodwork, and the new…the almost industrial look of the lighting and the metal linear open-air walls.

Here is Paolo di Marchi giving his talk…


I felt a bit obtrusive walking around snapping photos while he spoke for almost an hour, but I had a job to do!


I didn’t use flash…just cranked up my ISO again.  Love this spiral staircase!


The little seating areas were so serene…


I use olive oil almost every day when I cook!  I suppose this one is from Paolo di Marchi’s Vineyards.


Everyone swarmed the wine when Paolo was finished talking.  They were quite thirsty!


I had one more stop to make for iSPY that evening, so no Wine for me!

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