My first Wedding Photo Shoot

Your Wedding day is one of the most special and life changing days of  your life and preserving those memories with photographs is so important!  I received a call from this couple, Urban and Marjorie the day before their wedding asking if I could be their photographer Friday night for the Wedding and Saturday night for the Reception.  I had just met them a few weeks earlier at a friend’s party, where I had taken my camera and posted a photo of them on Facebook, along with a few others.  Because this was a second Wedding for each of them, they wanted something simple.  Originally, a friend was lined up to take the photos, but became ill.  I didn’t have any plans for the weekend, so I agreed.  Urban has some expensive camera gear and wanted me to use at least one of his cameras, a Canon fixed lenses 70-200mm, along with my Nikon D5100, with a 50-200mm lenses.  I had recently purchased an external flash for my camera and was becoming more familiar with it.  Needless to say, I was nervous!

I arrived to their place 1 1/2 hours early to familiarize myself with his gear.  He also had a mono-pod for my use.  After learning a bit about his Canon, I realized they were rushing to finish some preparations, so I jumped in to help.  In about 20 minutes, Marjorie and I prepped some appetizers, cleaned up in the kitchen, and I even fixed her hair.  She was so happy to have the extra help.  I felt a little like Jennifer Lopez in the movie, “The Wedding Planner“.  The Wedding was held at the Mayor’s office of a suburb in Cincinnati, and was attended by a few of their close family and friends.  Here they are…


After the Wedding, they had everyone over to their place for drinks, appetizers, and a catered dinner.  I took photos there also.  Here they are the following evening at the Reception as they’re announced by the DJ…


After dinner, I was so into toasting, I forgot to take their photo, so I asked them to toast again for me a few minutes later!  All of the photographs I took with my Nikon D5100, I shot in manual mode, including my new flash.  Because I wasn’t as familiar with his camera, we left it on Auto mode.


I was so glad I captured quite a few wedding cake shots!  I wasn’t expecting them to smear it onto each other’s face, so I couldn’t laugh too much or else I’d be shaking for the photos…


This photo is with his Canon.  I would have taken most of the photos with it, but I had to stand almost on the other side of the room, and wouldn’t have been able to use it for many of the shots (i.e. cutting the cake) because people would have been in the way.  I think I need a new lenses!


The first dance…



Here’s another taken with the Canon…


This couple could really dance!


Here are Urban’s two beautiful daughters and Grandson…




I learned a lot and am so happy I could be a part of their Wedding!

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35 thoughts on “My first Wedding Photo Shoot

  1. Marvelous job Sherry! Congrats to the happy couple, they are very fortunate to have you photograph their wedding!! Wonderful memories to cherish and captured so beautifully!!

    ♥ carmen


  2. Great Job! I especially liked the one with everyone dancing, it looks like a well dressed aerobics class having more fun than sweat. Weddings must be fun to cover, I can’t wait to shoot one.


  3. Great shots Sherry…. Weddings can be very difficult but the people seem so much easier when its their second time around.. less nerves perhaps! Equipment is so important and I had a brief gasp when you mentioned you would be using a camera you weren’t familiar with (especially a Canon for us Nikon lovers!), but was relieved to see you used yours for the most part! You must get around to contacting me and we can chat about some of your equipment needs…


  4. Great work with what I’m sure what a stressful situation! This sounds like the perfect opportunity to get some experience shooting weddings with a little less pressure.


  5. Nice job. It would have been bit scary using an unfamiliar camera, kudos. Weddings are my least favourite thing to photograph. My theory is that if you put two brand new Mother In Laws in the same room you have hell. I think with a second wedding it wouldn’t be that bad.


  6. Loving pictures! You are so fortunate to be able to do this. I love weddings so much I would photograph for free just to get in. On a side note, the bride is beautiful! wonderful job!


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