New Year’s Eve 2013 at Our Place with Off the Hook

My New Year’s Eve was spent with friends having dinner at their house and then dancing at a new venue called “Our Place” which is owned by a band called Off the Hook.  We’ve been dancing to their music for years!  Dinner was at Lisa and Rick’s place.  He’s an ex-NFL football player and she’s beautiful, inside and out!


Jewell and her new boyfriend Dan.  He’s a professional sword swallower and was on “America’s Got Talent“!  How cool is that?


We just met Ann and Doug last night through Lisa and Rick.  They were the babies since they’re still in their 40’s!


Tina and Judy rounded out the mix….


Here we are at the club…


I loved the interior decor at “Our Place”.  Very cool, classy and modern!



Off the Hook plays a variety of music from the 70’s to present and did a great job last night of transitioning from song to song for great dancing music!


It was the perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve…good friends, food, music, a few drinks, and dancing!  Hope everyone else had a safe and fun night!

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