Volunteer at Citylink Mashup Event

A friend on Facebook invited me to the Citylink Mashup Event, which was held to raise money for their organization.  They needed volunteers, so I signed up to be an usher Friday evening.  Citylink is a place for poverty-stricken individuals to find “an integrated, holistic path to break free from poverty”.  There are ten areas of assistance:  Employment — Transportation — Childcare — Legal Assistance — Housing — Health & Wellness — Education — Spiritual Support — Financial Services — Mentoring.  What a great idea!

Anyway…I got there early before my shift to mingle and take photographs.  I like these photo mosaics they create…


Here are some being developed by the attendees at the event…


The building looks brand new and the use of color and lighting with the high ceilings creates an open inviting feel.


The clean simple lines were so visually appealing…


Of course, there were food and drinks (wine, soft drinks, water) available.  They served pizza in the volunteer room and the guests were treated to delicacies by “The Phoenix” and a downtown restaurant called “Nada”.  Cute chef!


The line of people for a sample of Nada’s beef sliders was so long…


It was a huge success…look at all of the people.  They asked for a $25 donation for entry…so I think they did really well!


I’m not sure why this painting was sitting on the floor, but I liked it!


I snuck upstairs, where the grand finale was to take place, to take some photographs…


They had a few areas with performances…a trio of guys called Step Dancers, live drums, and a room showing a photo video of Cincinnati sights while a man read powerful poetry.  I left early, along with another lady, because they were over staffed with volunteers.

I’m excited to discover these types of programs in our City!

13 thoughts on “Volunteer at Citylink Mashup Event

  1. What a great amount of people … I haven’t been on one yet – I love the painting too, love the colors. And those sofas and chairs is something I can see in my in my living room. Very colorful event.


    • Thanks Betty. Through the last few years, I’ve actually donated my time to quite a few organizations…everything from a homeless shelter, tutoring a child to handing out soft drinks. I believe I’ve found an organization I want to give my money to…Love 146…they empower women around the world, because women are the key to bringing peace!


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