Needs-n-Dreams Foundation Photo Shoot

I was offered the opportunity to be the event photographer Thursday evening for a newly formed non-profit called Needs-n-Dreams Foundation.  It was my first “official” event photography session and I really enjoyed myself!  I mingled with the guests and took lots of photos!

The lady who began the charity is named Jewell and she knows what poverty feels like.  That’s something she and I have in common.  We know what it feels like as a young girl to wear the same thing every other day.  I’m not sure about the details of her situation as a child, but when I was little there was a time we didn’t have a car and had to push a grocery cart home, which was luckily only a half mile.  At that point, when I was 12 years old, we didn’t have a telephone and I slept in the same bedroom with my two brothers, who were 7 and 13 years old.  From the time I was 13 years old, babysitting was how I provided clothing for myself, money to take modern jazz dance classes, and any other extras.  It could have been much worse.  We could have gone hungry or been homeless.  When you grow up like this, your self-worth suffers, you have issues with setting boundaries and a host of other identity problems.

The fundraiser was held at The Club at Harper’s Point in Cincinnati, Ohio.


This is Jewell…


The punch looked delish…


I have to tell you about the most delectable (big) bite sized cupcakes ever!  They’re from a place called Cocoa Bites and I tried the Caramel and German Chocolate Cake varieties and had to stop myself from sampling one of each!!


This lovely couple, Lisa and Rick, are on the Board of Directors.   Rick’s handsome son is with them.


Jewell’s beautiful daughter arrived early to help them set up.


The next two ladies, Shane and Sarah, work with Lisa.  What lovely ladies!



The silent auction was successful.  I offered an hour photo shoot and the lady who won it would like engagement photos taken.


This handsome man is named Tomas.  As you can see he is educating people about a Japanese Water that he sells.


There was a duo playing music and I really enjoyed them!



It was a great experience and I learned some new things about event photography.  I may have two new jobs through the networking!  One of the attendees would like me to take photos of her teenagers and another lady of an event through her work!

17 thoughts on “Needs-n-Dreams Foundation Photo Shoot

  1. I want to live your life, ha ha !Just leaned over and showed my coworker and friend, Anna, on the chair next to me looking at Ourtime. com on theadjacent library computer your pool gathering. It looks like a picture from the society pages, we think the goodies look scrumptious and the purpose is a good cause!


    • Ahh…be careful what you wish for! I know what you mean though. I am lucky and grateful for everything in my life. It wasn’t always like this though. I can sense that some great things are going to come to you soon!!


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