Exercise Can be Fun!

Playing sand volleyball is a great way to get exercise, socialize with friends and have tons of fun!  I invited about 100 people to play volleyball at Hahana Beach, a restaurant/bar with outdoor sand volleyball courts, in Cincinnati, Ohio and about 13 showed up yesterday.  It was a perfect day for it…with temps in the mid-70’s, low humidity and a beautiful sky with puffy clouds.  One of the ladies didn’t want to play so she took a few photos with my camera.  She got this great action shot of me jumping for the ball…


I only play volleyball sporadically…on average about once every few years…but after yesterday’s fun I’m definitely playing more often.  I like this photo of Cindy after she hit the ball…


and this one of Hal hitting the ball…


See what I mean about the sky!  Dee’s in position with her eyes on the ball…


Rick, Will and Cindy are rushing to the ball…


Rick’s a great server, while Cindy’s smile is distracting the opposing team…


I love this photo!  Kent’s got great form, while Ray’s protecting himself…


Tim’s got it covered…


Dee was saying “Hi” to me and Hal’s goofing around…


After playing a game, I suggested Dee and I pick teams the old-school way.  Dee suggested we do rock, paper, scissors to see who got the ball first but we kept picking the same thing.  She finally won and got the ball first!


Randy’s lookin’ good with his serve…


I may look funny with my backwards play, but I almost never miss it this way…


Who knew exercise could be so much fun!  Afterwards we went out and had drinks and a bite to eat.  We didn’t feel guilty indulging since we got our exercise in.  Actually, I jogged 3 miles that morning and Dee did yoga and Pilates that morning!

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