Girlie Shopping and back to Paleo

I know some of you love to shop anytime and some of you only shop when you need something.  I usually fall in the latter category.  A couple of days ago I splurged on some “girlie” items from Ulta Beauty and Trader Joe’s.  If you’ve never heard of Ulta, they have locations nationwide and have a wide range of well-known products ranging from bath & body, hair care, beauty tools, and makeup!

On the left are the Ulta items:  Crabtree & Evelyn “La Source” Hand Therapy lotion–Deva Curl hair gel (for when I want my natural curls to look curly and not frizzy)–Yes to Blueberries Nighttime moisturizer–Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover (did my own pedicure last night to save money)–Tweezerman folding lash comb (to eliminate those mascara clumps)–Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Lip Shine (tastes yummy)–and a free Ulta eye shadow (coupon came to me online).

At Trader Joe’s, in addition to my normal organic produce and meats, I decided to try their Face and Body Sunscreen–Tom’s Deodorant (Aluminum free)–Trader Joe’s Anti-Plague Toothpaste–and another face moisturizer Nourish antioxidant.  I want to compare the two facial moisturizers since the Ulta Yes to Blueberries was $19.99 and the Nourish was only $5.99.


For the past ten days, I’ve gone back to “Clean Eating” or actually “Paleo” for the anti-inflammatory benefits and general good health.  Basically I have either an egg omelet with vegetables or fruit for breakfast; a salad like the one shown below that I have almost every day; nuts for a snack; and for dinner a piece of fish, organic chicken or beef with a vegetable and sweet potato.  I drink fresh squeezed lemon in water in the morning and a cup of coffee.  I could give up my coffee if I wanted to…but I don’t want to yet.  I drink water during the day and usually a glass or two of wine in the evening.

I joined an organization called EarthShares, who lease 5 acres at a really cool facility called Grailville, located in Loveland, Ohio, only 10 minutes from my home.  They grow all types of vegetables and you can become either a working or non-working member and pick up your organic fresh produce weekly.  I split a non-working share with a friend (which is still more than plenty) and pay $200 for produce through October.  So far, they’ve had 3 types of lettuce, spinach, kale and radishes.  The lettuce lasts all week and is so yummy!  I make my own salad dressing with about 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil, 1/4 cup of Balsamic Vinegar and a crushed garlic clove.

If you’re interested in joining a similar organization, they are becoming quite popular, so with a little research…you can find one nearby!


I’ve already lost five pounds by cutting out grains (all breads, rice, etc.), dairy and desserts!  It’s great to feel good and an added benefit…look good!


18 thoughts on “Girlie Shopping and back to Paleo

  1. If you weren’t so nice, I think I’d hate you! BUT — you are an inspiration with all your enthusiasm for hiking, biking, being outdoors and active, so I guess I’ll just have to envy/emulate you!!!


    • Hi Rob! It’s for bathing suit weather. I just had a few pounds around the middle that were bothering me. I’m not anorexic or anything like that…just used to being a certain weight. As I get older, I don’t want it to get away from me. It can sneak up on you gradually! (Thanks for the nice compliment!)


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