WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Living in the present, but planning for the future is a fine balancing act.  I once read that if you dwell on the past too often…you become depressed and on the future…you become anxious.  I believe I tend to plan too much.  These photos represent being in the present, but something is about to take place…hence the future!  I don’t have a smart phone…so these were taken with a camera…

This photo is from the Ballestine Islands in Peru – 2009.  The birds are either taking flight…or preparing to do so…


As you can see, I am ready to take flight down a rather steep sand dune in Peru…definitely feeling the moment!


The annual butterfly show at The Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, Ohio is a wonderful place to take photographs, be in the moment, and anticipate the butterflies taking flight.


As you view this photo of my taking a break while hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town, S. Africa, your mind tells you that the cable car in the background is going to move…that is in the future (well…now in the past)!


Time is an interesting concept.  I question all of reality and our perceptions…as many of my fellow bloggers do!

31 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

  1. Your word … touches me … time is something we never can get back .. and never get too much of. That butterfly is so delicate and bold on the same time … just like our time is at times.


  2. This is what gets me about time: when you reflect back to a time, a memory that stands out (think goosebumps, etc.) and all the good it brought you, it’s frustrating you can’t return to it. Yes, you must keep going forward. I believe after you have had these situations occur, you try harder next time to feel/appreciate the moment. Thanks!


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